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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

TODO: moved WinSSL/SChannel todo items into docsMarc Hoersken
CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION.3: also when server closes a connectionMichael Kaufmann
curl_sasl.c: Fixed compilation warning when cryptography is disabledSteve Holme
curl_sasl.c: Fixed compilation warning when verbose debug output disabledSteve Holme
ntlm_core: Use own odd parity function when crypto engine doesn't have oneSteve Holme
ntlm_core: Prefer sizeof(key) rather than hard coded sizesSteve Holme
ntlm_core: Added consistent comments to DES functionsSteve Holme
des: Added Curl_des_set_odd_parity()Steve Holme
tests: Grouped SMTP SASL EXTERNAL tests with other SMTP testsSteve Holme
tests: Grouped POP3 SASL EXTERNAL tests with other POP3 testsSteve Holme
tests: Grouped IMAP SASL EXTERNAL tests with other IMAP testsSteve Holme
sasl: Minor code policing and grammar correctionsSteve Holme
ldap: build with BoringSSLGisle Vanem
security: avoid compiler warningDaniel Stenberg
runtests: identify BoringSSL and libresslDaniel Stenberg
docs: cite SASL external authentication.Patrick Monnerat
sasl: remove XOAUTH2 from default enabled authentication mechanism.Patrick Monnerat
test: add test cases for sasl external authentication (imap/pop3/smtp).Patrick Monnerat
imap: remove automatic password setting: it breaks external sasl authenticationPatrick Monnerat
sasl: implement EXTERNAL authentication mechanism.Patrick Monnerat
openssl: Fixed Curl_ossl_cert_status_request() not returning FALSESteve Holme
openssl: Fixed compilation errors when OpenSSL built with 'no-tlsext'Steve Holme
curl_setup: Disable SMB/CIFS support when HTTP onlyBrad Spencer
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 37824498a3Steve Holme
configure: remove detection of the old yassl emulation APIDaniel Stenberg
OCSP stapling: disabled when build with BoringSSLDaniel Stenberg
openssl: add support for the Certificate Status Request TLS extensionAlessandro Ghedini
BoringSSL: fix build for non-configure buildsDaniel Stenberg
configure: fix BoringSSL detection and detect libressslDaniel Stenberg
curl_sasl: Reinstate the sasl_ prefix for locally scoped functionsSteve Holme
curl_sasl: Minor code policing following recent commitsSteve Holme
openvms: Handle openssl/0.8.9zb version parsingJohn Malmberg
BoringSSL: detected by configure, switches off NTLMDaniel Stenberg
BoringSSL: no PKCS12 support nor ERR_remove_stateDaniel Stenberg
BoringSSL: fix buildLeith Bade
curl_sasl.c: chlglen is not used when cryptography is disabledSteve Holme
curl_sasl.c: Fixed compilation warning when cyptography is disabledSteve Holme
curl_sasl.c: Fixed compilation error when USE_WINDOWS_SSPI definedSteve Holme
SASL: make some procedures local-scopedPatrick Monnerat
SASL: common state engine for imap/pop3/smtpPatrick Monnerat
SASL: common URL option and auth capabilities decoders for all protocolsPatrick Monnerat
IMAP/POP3/SMTP: use a per-connection sub-structure for SASL parameters.Patrick Monnerat
ipv6: enclose AF_INET6 uses with proper #ifdefs for ipv6Daniel Stenberg
timeval: typecast for better type (on Amiga)Chris Young
openssl: do public key pinning check independentlyDaniel Stenberg
OS400: CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS for ILE/RPG too.Patrick Monnerat
ldap: Renamed the CURL_LDAP_WIN definition to USE_WIN32_LDAPSteve Holme
http_negotiate: Use dynamic buffer for SPN generationSteve Holme
sasl_gssapi: Make Curl_sasl_build_gssapi_spn() publicSteve Holme
sasl_gssapi: Fixed memory leak with local SPN variableSteve Holme
http_negotiate.c: unused variable 'ret'Daniel Stenberg
gskit.h: Code policing of function pointer argumentsSteve Holme
vtls: Removed unimplemented overrides of curlssl_close_all()Steve Holme
vtls: Separate the SSL backend definition from the API setupSteve Holme
vtls: Fixed compilation errors when SSL not usedSteve Holme
http_negotiate: Added empty decoded challenge message info textSteve Holme
http_negotiate: Return CURLcode in Curl_input_negotiate() instead of intSteve Holme
http_negotiate_sspi: Prefer use of 'attrs' for context attributesSteve Holme
http_negotiate_sspi: Use correct return type for QuerySecurityPackageInfo()Steve Holme
http_negotiate_sspi: Use 'CURLcode result' for CURL result codeSteve Holme
curl_endian: Fixed build when 64-bit integers are not supported (Part 2)Steve Holme
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS.3: mention it is added in version 7.41.0Daniel Stenberg
curlver.h: next release is 7.41.0 due to the changesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: mention the new OCSP stapling options, bump versionDaniel Stenberg
opts: add CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS* to docs/MakefileDaniel Stenberg
help: add --cert-status to --help outputDaniel Stenberg
copyright years: after OCSP stapling changesDaniel Stenberg
curl: add --cert-status optionAlessandro Ghedini
nss: add support for the Certificate Status Request TLS extensionAlessandro Ghedini
gtls: add support for the Certificate Status Request TLS extensionAlessandro Ghedini
url: add CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS optionAlessandro Ghedini
TheArtOfHttpScripting: skip the date at the top, we have gitDaniel Stenberg
TheArtOfHttpScripting: phrase it TLS lib agnosticDaniel Stenberg
TODO: Added some SMB ideasSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 5f09947d28Steve Holme
build-openssl.bat: Added check for Perl installationSteve Holme
checksrc.bat: Better detection of Perl installationSteve Holme
curl_endian: Fixed build when 64-bit integers are not supportedSteve Holme
curl.h: remove extra spaceYun SangHo
Curl_pretransfer: reset expected transfer sizesDaniel Stenberg
curl_schannel.c: mark session as removed from cache if not freedMarc Hoersken
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with d21b66835fSteve Holme
Merge pull request #134 from vszakats/mingw-m64Guenter Knauf
Merge pull request #136 from vszakats/mingw-allow-custom-cflagsGuenter Knauf
NSS: fix compiler error when built http2-enabledDaniel Stenberg
gssapi: Remove need for duplicated GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE definitionsSteve Holme
mingw build: allow to pass custom CFLAGSViktor Szakats
FTP: if EPSV fails on IPV6 connections, bail outDaniel Stenberg
FTP: fix IPv6 host using link-local addressDaniel Stenberg
winbuild: Added option to build with c-aresSam Schanken
NetWare build: added TLS-SRP enabled build.Guenter Knauf
sasl_gssapi: Fixed build on NetBSD with built-in GSS-APISteve Holme
add -m64 clags when targeting mingw64, add -m32/-m64 to LDFLAGSViktor Szakats
bump: start working towards 7.40.1Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: 14 new contributors from the 7.40.0 release notesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: version 7.40.0Daniel Stenberg
darwinssl: fix session ID keys to only reuse identical sessionsDaniel Stenberg
tests: make sure CRLFs can't be used in URLs passed to proxyDaniel Stenberg
url-parsing: reject CRLFs within URLsDaniel Stenberg
ldap: Convert attribute output to UTF-8 when UnicodeSteve Holme