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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

Added VC ssh2 target to main Makefile.Guenter Knauf
Some cosmetics and simplifies.Guenter Knauf
Remove dependency on openssl and cut.Guenter Knauf
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e116d0a62Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_RESOLVE.3: add an exampleDaniel Stenberg
gnutls: removed dead codeDaniel Stenberg
Curl_rand: Uninitialized variable: rDaniel Stenberg
opts: provide more and updated examplesDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_RANGE.3: works for SFTP as wellDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: edited for clarityDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_SSLVERSION.3: provide an exampleDaniel Stenberg
docs/libcurl/ABI: more markdown friendlyDaniel Stenberg
docs: edited lots of libcurl docs for clarityDaniel Stenberg
opts: added examplesDaniel Stenberg
HISTORY: two glimpses in 2014Daniel Stenberg
nss: reset SSL handshake state machineKamil Dudka
cmake: generate pkg-config and curl-configPeter Wu
cmake: use LIBCURL_VERSION from curlver.hPeter Wu
cmake: add CMake/Macros.cmake to the release tarballDaniel Stenberg
test545: make it not use a trailing zeroDaniel Stenberg
ntlm: Fixed empty type-2 decoded message info textSteve Holme
ntlm: Fixed empty/bad base-64 decoded buffer return codesSteve Holme
ntlm: Avoid unnecessary buffer allocation for SSPI based type-2 tokenSteve Holme
httpcustomheader.c: make use of more CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER featuresDaniel Stenberg
sasl_sspi: Fixed some typosSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Fixed Kerberos response buffer not being allocated when using SSOSteve Holme
mk-ca-bundle: added SHA-384 signature algorithmBruno Thomsen
OS400: fix bugs in curl_*escape_ccsid() and reduce variables scopePatrick Monnerat
Implement pinned public key in GSKit backendPatrick Monnerat
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_*.3: fix reference typosDaniel Stenberg
cleanups: reduce variable scopeDaniel Stenberg
singleipconnect: remove dead assignment never usedDaniel Stenberg
pinning: minor code style policingDaniel Stenberg
Factorize pinned public key code into generic file handling and backend specificPatrick Monnerat
vtls: remove QsoSSLPatrick Monnerat
gskit: supply dummy randomization functionPatrick Monnerat
vtls/*: deprecate have_curlssl_md5sum and set-up default md5sum implementationPatrick Monnerat
tests: move TESTCASES to, add show for cmakePeter Wu
cmake: enable IPv6 by default if availablePeter Wu
cmake: build tool_hugehelp (ENABLE_MANUAL)Peter Wu
tests/ Python 3 supportPeter Wu
SECURITY: slightly nicer markdown formatDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-PROCEDURE: better markdown, more contentDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6637b237e6ebDaniel Stenberg
vtls: have vtls.h include the backend header filesDaniel Stenberg
test2036: verify -O with no slash at all in the URLDaniel Stenberg
get_url_file_name: make no slash equal empty stringDaniel Stenberg
get_url_file_name: never return a NULL string *and* OKDaniel Stenberg
Cmake: Build with GSSAPI (MIT or Heimdal)Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Got rid of setup_curl_dependenciesJakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Avoid cycle directory dependencies.Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Fix library list provided to cURL tests.Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Check for OpenSSL before OpenLDAP.Jakub Zakrzewski
curl_multi_fdset.3: improved the formatting slightlyDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_fdset: explain the fd_set argumentsDaniel Stenberg
nss: do not fail if a CRL is already cachedKamil Dudka
OS400: upgrade interface for pinned public key (no implementation yet)Patrick Monnerat
FormAdd: precaution against memdup() of NULL pointerDaniel Stenberg
operate: avoid NULL dereferenceDaniel Stenberg
do_sec_send: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
krb5_encode: remove unused argumentDaniel Stenberg
operate_do: skip superfluous check for NULL pointerDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_getinfo.3: spell-fixDaniel Stenberg
GnuTLS: Implement public key pinningmoparisthebest
SSL: implement public key pinningmoparisthebest
multi_runsingle: fix possible memory leakDaniel Stenberg
ares::Curl_resolver_cancel: skip checking for NULL connDaniel Stenberg
parseconfig: skip a NULL checkDaniel Stenberg
multi-uv.c: call curl_multi_info_read() betterWaldek Kozba
tool_go_sleep: use (void) to spell out we ignore the return valueDaniel Stenberg
ssh_statemach_act: split out assignment from checkDaniel Stenberg
curl_schannel.c: Fixed possible memory or handle leakMarc Hoersken
getparameter: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
getparameter: comment a switch FALLTHROUGHDaniel Stenberg
choose_mech: fix return codeDaniel Stenberg
Curl_sec_read_msg: spell out that we ignore return codeDaniel Stenberg
nonblock: call with (void) to show we ignore the return codeDaniel Stenberg
parse_proxy: remove dead code.Daniel Stenberg
Curl_debug: document switch fallthroughsDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_remove_handle: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
Curl_pipeline_server_blacklisted: handle a NULL server nameDaniel Stenberg
ssh: comment "fallthrough" in switch statementDaniel Stenberg
ssh: improve key file searchJeremy Lin
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: libcurl doesn't copy the whole listDaniel Stenberg
detect_proxy: fix possible single-byte memory leakDaniel Stenberg
multi_runsingle: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
pop3_perform_authentication: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
imap_perform_authentication: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
wait_or_timeout: return failure when Curl_poll() failsDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: mention quoting in the URL sectionDaniel Stenberg
smtp: Fixed intermittent "SSL3_WRITE_PENDING: bad write retry" errorBill Nagel
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 53cbea22310f15Daniel Stenberg
file: reject paths using embedded %00Daniel Stenberg
test506: Fixed a couple of memory leaks in testDan Fandrich
CURLOPT_COOKIELIST: Added "RELOAD" commandYousuke Kimoto
CURLOPT_POSTREDIR.3: Added availability for CURL_REDIR_POST_303Michael Wallner
threaded-resolver: revert Curl_expire_latest() switchDaniel Stenberg
libcurl docs: improvements all overDaniel Stenberg
build: Added WinIDN build configuration optionsSteve Holme