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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

timecond: do not add if-modified-since without timeconditionDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 99d17a5e2ba77e58Daniel Stenberg
examples/README: cut out the incomplete listDaniel Stenberg
test1513: make sure the callback is only called onceDaniel Stenberg
build: Install zsh completionDaniel Shahaf
done: make sure the final progress update is madeDaniel Stenberg
curl: expanded the -XHEAD warning textDaniel Stenberg
Revert "cleanup: general removal of TODO (and similar) comments"Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION.3: fix typoDaniel Stenberg
TODO: TCP Fast OpenDaniel Stenberg
examples: Added website parse-able descriptions to the e-mail examplesSteve Holme
TODO: Added another 'multi-interface' ideaSteve Holme
smb.c: Fixed compilation warningsSteve Holme
schannel: Corrected copy/paste error in commit 8d17117683Steve Holme
schannel: Use GetVersionEx() when VerifyVersionInfo() isn't availableSteve Holme
examples: Fixed compilation warningsSteve Holme Fixed test run errorSteve Holme
TODO: remove duplicated titleDaniel Stenberg
TODO: added two more libcurl ideasDaniel Stenberg
tests: Re-enabled tests 889 and 890 following POP3 fixSteve Holme
pop3: Differentiate between success and continuation responsesSteve Holme
pop3: Added clarity on some server response codesSteve Holme
build: Fix theoretical infinite loopsDaniel Shahaf
curl.h: s/#defien/#define/Patrick Monnerat
os400: synchronize ILE/RPG header filePatrick Monnerat
os400: Provide options for libssh2 use in compile scripts. Adjust README.Patrick Monnerat
zsh completion: Preserve single quotes in
FAQ: Grammar changesMaxGiting
http2: http_done: don't free already-freed push headersDaniel Stenberg
getconnectinfo: Don't call recv(2) if socket == -1Anders Bakken
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION.3: *_byname() returns only the first headerDaniel Stenberg
http2: minor comment typoDaniel Stenberg
sasl; fix checksrc warningsDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: Adjusted for the recent OAuth 2.0 activitySteve Holme
tests: Disabled 889 and 890 until we support POP3 continuation responsesSteve Holme
tests: Corrected typos from commit ba4d8f7ebaSteve Holme
tests: Added OAUTHBEARER failure response testsSteve Holme
oauth2: Support OAUTHBEARER failures sent as continuation responsesSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 808a17ee675Daniel Stenberg
tests: Renamed existing OAuth 2.0 (XOAUTH) testsSteve Holme
tests: Added OAuth 2.0 (OAUTHBEARER) testsSteve Holme
oauth2: Added support for OAUTHBEARER SASL mechanism to IMAP, POP3 and SNMPSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: recounted curl_easy_setopt() optionsDaniel Stenberg
typecheck-gcc.h: add missing slist-using optionsDaniel Stenberg
typecheck-gcc.h: added CURLOPT_CLOSESOCKETDATADaniel Stenberg
openssl: Free modules on cleanupSebastian Pohlschmidt
symbols-in-versions: Added new CURLOPTTYPE_STRINGPOINT aliasSteve Holme
curl: mark two more options strings for --libcurl outputDaniel Stenberg
typecheck-gcc.h: add some missing string typesDaniel Stenberg
curl.h: introducing the STRINGPOINT aliasDaniel Stenberg
cleanup: general removal of TODO (and similar) commentsDaniel Stenberg
ftplistparser: remove empty functionDaniel Stenberg
openssl: remove #if check for 0.9.7 for ENGINE_load_private_keyDaniel Stenberg
openssl: all supported versions have X509_STORE_set_flagsDaniel Stenberg
openssl: remove 0.9.3 checkDaniel Stenberg
openssl: remove #ifdefs for < 0.9.5 supportDaniel Stenberg
lib/vtls/openssl: remove unused traces of yassl ifdefsDaniel Stenberg
unit1603: Demote hash mismatch failure to a warningdfandrich
unit1603: Added unit tests for hash functionsdfandrich
unit1602: Fixed failure in torture testdfandrich
sasl: Re-introduced XOAUTH2 in the default enabled authentication mechanismSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: fix identity memory leak in digest authenticationStefan Bühler
sasl_sspi: fixed unicode build for digest authenticationStefan Bühler
oauth2: Re-factored OAuth 2.0 state variableSteve Holme
sasl: Don't choose OAuth 2.0 if mechanism not advertisedSteve Holme
runtests: more compact "System characteristics" outputDaniel Stenberg
runtests: rename conditional curl-features to $has_[name]Daniel Stenberg
oauth2: Introduced support for host and port detailsSteve Holme
curl_setup.h: Removed duplicate CURL_DISABLE_RTSP when HTTP_ONLY definedSteve Holme
cmake: Add missing feature macros in config header (Part 2)Steve Holme
cmake: Add missing feature macros in config headerDouglas Creager
BoringSSL: Work with stricter BIO_get_mem_data()Douglas Creager
http2: rectify the http2 version #if checkDaniel Stenberg
oauth2: Don't use XAUTH2 in OAuth 2.0 function nameSteve Holme
oauth2: Don't use XOAUTH2 in OAuth 2.0 variablesSteve Holme
oauth2: Use OAuth 2.0 rather than XOAUTH2 in commentsSteve Holme
imap: avoid freeing constant stringDaniel Stenberg
ROADMAP: remove two items already doneDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 2200bf62054Daniel Stenberg
acinclude: Remove check for 16-bit curl_off_tJay Satiro
tool: Fixed a memory leak on OOM introduced in 19cb0c4aDan Fandrich
imap: Don't check for continuation when executing a CUSTOMREQUESTJustin Ehlert
imap: checksrc: remove space after while before parenDaniel Stenberg
checksrc.whitelist: "missing space after close paren"Daniel Stenberg
opts: Corrected TLS protocols list to include POP3S rather than POP3Steve Holme
imap: Quote other 'atom-specials' and not just the space characterSteve Holme
imap: Fixed double quote in LIST command when mailbox contains spacesSteve Holme
imap: fix compiler warningDaniel Stenberg
imap: Don't call imap_atom() when no mailbox specified in LIST commandSteve Holme
curl.1: remove the overlap --range exampleDaniel Stenberg
tftp tests: verify sent options tooDaniel Stenberg
getinfo: CURLINFO_ACTIVESOCKET: fix bad socket valueJay Satiro
curl_ntlm_core: fix 2 curl_off_t constant overflows.Patrick Monnerat
os400: adjust specific code to support new options.Patrick Monnerat
rawstr: Speed up Curl_raw_toupper by 40%Lauri Kasanen
http redirects: %-encode bytes outside of ascii rangeDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with cba5bc585410Daniel Stenberg
symbols-in-version: add all CURL_HTTPPOST_* symbolsDaniel Stenberg
formadd: support >2GB files on windowsDaniel Stenberg
curl.h: s/HTTPPOST_/CURL_HTTPOST_Daniel Stenberg