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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

axtls: add timeout within Curl_axtls_connectDan Fandrich
checksrc: Windows-specific input fixesJay Satiro
configure: Use KRB5CONFIG for krb5-configDagobert Michelsen
multi: remove_handle: move pending connectionsDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: 89 is bug #1411Daniel Stenberg
cyassl: CTX callback cosmetic changes and doc fixJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with d2feb71752fDaniel Stenberg
tool_operate: only set SSL options if SSL is enabledDan Fandrich detect WolfSSL as yasslDan Fandrich
cyassl: add SSL context callback support for CyaSSLKyle L. Huff
cyassl: remove undefined reference to CyaSSL_no_filesystem_verifyKyle L. Huff
build: Fix libcurl.sln erroneous mixed configurationsJay Satiro
vtls: Don't accept unknown CURLOPT_SSLVERSION valuesJay Satiro
url: Don't accept CURLOPT_SSLVERSION unless USE_SSL is definedJay Satiro
build: link curl to openssl libraries when openssl support is enabledPaul Howarth
multi: on a request completion, check all CONNECT_PEND transfersDaniel Stenberg
globbing: fix url number calculation when using range with stepEmil Lerner
README.http2: refreshed and added TODO itemsDaniel Stenberg
globbing: fix step parsing for character globbing rangesEmil Lerner
polarssl: called mbedTLS in 1.3.10 and laterDaniel Stenberg
polarssl: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
polarssl: remove superfluous for(;;) loopDaniel Stenberg
Curl_ssl_md5sum: return CURLcodeDaniel Stenberg
cyassl: default to highest possible TLS versionJay Satiro
cyassl: Check for invalid length parameter in Curl_cyassl_randomJay Satiro
cyassl: If wolfSSL then identify as such in version stringJay Satiro
symbols-in-versions: added CURLOPT_PATH_AS_ISDan Fandrich add the --notes option to supply more info about a buildDan Fandrich
curl_memory: make curl_memory.h the second-last header file loadedDan Fandrich
openssl: do the OCSP work-around for libressl tooDaniel Stenberg
openssl: verifystatus: only use the OCSP work-around <= 1.0.2aDaniel Stenberg
openssl: adapt to ASN1/X509 things gone opaque in 1.1Daniel Stenberg
curl_easy_setopt.3: Fix misspelling in CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS descriptionJay Satiro
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: fix typo in recent commitViktor Szakáts
CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS.3: add type 'long' to prototypeViktor Szakáts
vtls: fix compile with --disable-crypto-auth but with SSLDan Fandrich
os400: define new options in ILE/RPG binding.Patrick Monnerat
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with f6878609361Daniel Stenberg
curl_easy_setopt.3: Add CURLOPT_PATH_AS_ISDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS: addedDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_recv/send: make them work with the multi interfaceYamada Yasuharu
http2: move the init too for when its actually neededDaniel Stenberg
dict: rename byte to avoid compiler shadowed declaration warningDan Fandrich
cyassl: include version.h to ensure the version macros are definedDan Fandrich
test1513: eliminated race condition in test runDan Fandrich
darwinsssl: add support for TLS False StartNick Zitzmann
gtls: add check of return codeDaniel Stenberg
gtls: dereferencing NULL pointerDaniel Stenberg
gtls: avoid uninitialized variable.Daniel Stenberg
tests/certs: rebuild certificates with modified key usage bitsDan Fandrich
tests/certs: added make target to rebuild certificatesDan Fandrich
x509asn1: add /* fallthrough */ in switch() caseDaniel Stenberg
x509asn1: minor edit to unconfuse CoverityDaniel Stenberg
testcurl: Allow '=' in values given on command lineDagobert Michelsen
nss: error: unused variable 'connssl'Daniel Stenberg
test938: added missing closing tagsDan Fandrich
cyassl: use new library version macro when availableDan Fandrich
curl: add --false-start optionAlessandro Ghedini
nss: add support for TLS False StartAlessandro Ghedini
url: add CURLOPT_SSL_FALSESTART optionAlessandro Ghedini
gtls: implement CURLOPT_CERTINFOAlessandro Ghedini
openssl: try to avoid accessing OCSP structs when possibleAlessandro Ghedini
CURLOPT_URL.3: spelling!Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: add a "SECURITY CONCERNS" sectionDaniel Stenberg
cyassl: detect the library as renamed wolfsslDan Fandrich
HTTP: don't switch to HTTP/2 from 1.1 until we get the 101Daniel Stenberg
axtls: version 1.5.2 now requires that config.h be manually includedDan Fandrich
metalink: fix resource leak in OOMDaniel Stenberg
docs/libcurl: clean up libcurl-symbols.3Dan Fandrich
docs/libcurl: check that all options with man pages are referencedDan Fandrich
curl_easy_setopt.3: added a few missing optionsDan Fandrich
nss: explicitly tell NSS to disable NPN/ALPNKamil Dudka
mkhelp: Remove trailing carriage return from every line of inputJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e539f01567Daniel Stenberg
docs/libcurl: make portability fixChristian Weisgerber
checksrc: Fix whitelist on out-of-tree buildsDan Fandrich
Curl_sh_entry: remove unused 'timestamp'Stefan Bühler
HTTP: don't use Expect: headers when on HTTP/2Daniel Stenberg
checksrc: detect and remove space before trailing semicolonsDaniel Stenberg
checksrc: introduce a whitelisting conceptDaniel Stenberg
checksrc: use space after commaDaniel Stenberg
checksrc: use space before paren in "return (expr);"Daniel Stenberg
CONTRIBUTE: refer to git log instead of deprecated CHANGES fileDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_*.3: more examples and editsDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_*.3: added lots of small example sectionsDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_PRIVATE.3: provide an exampleDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_*TIMEOUT.3: provide examplesDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_USERAGENT.3: added an exampleDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_STDERR.3: added an exampleDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_perform.3: remove superfluous close brace from exampleDaniel Stenberg
free: instead of Curl_safefree()Daniel Stenberg
Bug #149: Deletion of unnecessary checks before a few calls of cURL functionsMarkus Elfring
Bug #149: Deletion of unnecessary checks before calls of the function "free"Markus Elfring
connect: Fix happy eyeballs logic for IPv4-only buildsJay Satiro use std header and generate better nroff headerDaniel Stenberg
closesocket: call multi socket cb on close even with custom closeFrank Meier
hostip: Fix signal race in Curl_resolv_timeout.Tobias Stoeckmann
http2: detect prematures close without data transferedDaniel Stenberg
test320: Expect the Host header to be the first headerDan Fandrich