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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

curl.1: mention quoting in the URL sectionDaniel Stenberg
smtp: Fixed intermittent "SSL3_WRITE_PENDING: bad write retry" errorBill Nagel
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 53cbea22310f15Daniel Stenberg
file: reject paths using embedded %00Daniel Stenberg
test506: Fixed a couple of memory leaks in testDan Fandrich
CURLOPT_COOKIELIST: Added "RELOAD" commandYousuke Kimoto
CURLOPT_POSTREDIR.3: Added availability for CURL_REDIR_POST_303Michael Wallner
threaded-resolver: revert Curl_expire_latest() switchDaniel Stenberg
libcurl docs: improvements all overDaniel Stenberg
build: Added WinIDN build configuration optionsSteve Holme
tutorial: signals aren't used for the threaded resolverDaniel Stenberg
FAQ: update the pronunciation sectionDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_COOKIE*: added more cross-referencesDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: add node-libcurlDaniel Stenberg
README.http2: updated to reflect current statusDaniel Stenberg
formdata: removed unnecessary USE_SSLEAY useDaniel Stenberg
curlssl: make tls backend symbols use curlssl in the nameDaniel Stenberg
url: let the backend decide CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_ supportDaniel Stenberg
vtls: have the backend tell if it supports CERTINFODaniel Stenberg
configure: allow --with-ca-path with PolarSSL tooCatalin Patulea
CURLOPT_CAPATH: return failure if set without backend supportDaniel Stenberg
http2: Fix busy loop when EOF is encounteredTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
build: Added batch wrapper to checksrc.plSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with bd3df5ec6dSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Fixed Unicode buildMarcel Raad
libcurl-tutorial.3: fix GnuTLS link to thread-safety guidelinesDaniel Stenberg split list of names at commaDaniel Stenberg
ntlm: Fixed HTTP proxy authentication when using Windows SSPIUlrich Telle
newlines: fix mixed newlines to LF-onlyRay Satiro converted tabs to spaces, deleted trailing spacesViktor Szak√°ts
ROADMAP: markdown eats underscoresDaniel Stenberg
ROADMAP: tiny formatting edit for nicer web outputDaniel Stenberg Updated GSSAPI authentication following 7.38.0 additionsSteve Holme
INTERNALS: Added email and updated Kerberos detailsSteve Holme
FEATURES: Updated Kerberos detailsSteve Holme
openssl: build fix for versions < 0.9.8ePaul Howarth first, try downloading HTTPS with curlDaniel Stenberg
LICENSE-MIXING: removed krb4 infoDaniel Stenberg
bump: on the 7.38.1-DEV train now!Daniel Stenberg
SSLCERTS: minor updatesDaniel Stenberg
dist: two cmake files are no moreDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: final update for 7.38.0Daniel Stenberg
cookies: reject incoming cookies set for TLDsDaniel Stenberg
cookies: only use full host matches for hosts used as IP addressTim Ruehsen
HISTORY: fix the 1998 title positionDaniel Stenberg
HISTORY: extended and now markdownDaniel Stenberg
SSLCERTS: converted to markdownDaniel Stenberg
ftp-wildcard.c: spell fixDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 921a0c22a6fDaniel Stenberg
THANKS: synced with RELEASE-NOTES for 921a0c22a6fDaniel Stenberg
polarassl: avoid memset() when clearing the first byte is enoughDaniel Stenberg
polarssl: support CURLOPT_CAPATH / --capathCatalin Patulea
SECURITY: eh, make more sense!Daniel Stenberg
SECURITY: how to join the curl-security listDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: fix the required nghttp2 version typoDaniel Stenberg
Ensure progress.size_dl/progress.size_ul are always >= 0Brandon Casey
tests: Added test1420 to the makefileSteve Holme
test1420: Removed unnecessary CURLOPT settingSteve Holme
tests: Added more "Clear Text" authentication keywordsSteve Holme
tests: Updated "based on" text due to email test renumberingSteve Holme
tests: For consistency added --libcurl to test nameSteve Holme
tests: Added --libcurl for IMAP test caseSteve Holme
multi.c: Avoid invalid memory read after free() from commit 3c8c873252Steve Holme
multi.c: Fixed compilation warning from commit 3c8c873252Steve Holme
url.c: Use CURLAUTH_NONE constant rather than 0Steve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with fd1ce3856aSteve Holme
darwinssl: Use CopyCertSubject() to check CA cert.Vilmos Nebehaj
RELEASE-NOTES: Clarify email Kerberos support is currently via Windows SSPISteve Holme
MAIL-ETIQUETTE: "1.8 I posted, now what?"Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_CA*: better refering between *CAINFO and *CAPATHDaniel Stenberg
THANKS: added Dennis ClarkeDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_cleanup: remove superfluous NULL assignsDaniel Stenberg
multi: convert CURLM_STATE_CONNECT_PEND handling to a listDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e608324f9f9Daniel Stenberg
polarssl: implement CURLOPT_SSLVERSIONAndre Heinecke
Merge pull request #115 from ldx/darwinsslfixprnickzman
Check CA certificate in curl_darwinssl.c.Vilmos Nebehaj
low-speed-limit: avoid timeout floodDaniel Stenberg
resolve: cache lookup for async resolversMichael Wallner
Fix CA certificate bundle handling in darwinssl.Vilmos Nebehaj
getinfo-times: Typo fixedAskar Safin
libcurl.3: Typo fixedAskar Safin
curl_formadd.3: setting CURLFORM_CONTENTSLENGTH 0 zero means strlenDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: add an example for -HDaniel Stenberg
FAQ: mention -w in the 4.20 answer as wellDaniel Stenberg
FAQ: 4.20 curl doesn't return error for HTTP non-200 responsesDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_NOBODY.3: clarify this option is for downloadsDaniel Stenberg
INTERNALS: nghttp2 must be 0.6.0 or laterDaniel Stenberg
Compile with latest nghttp2Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
THANKS: removed a few more duplicatesDan Fandrich
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 007242257683aDaniel Stenberg
THANKS: added 52 missing contributorsDaniel Stenberg
contributors: grep and sort case insensitivelyDaniel Stenberg Add support for recent GSS-API implementations for HP-UXMichael Osipov
CONNECT: close proxy connections that fail to CONNECTDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: added two missing HTTP/2 bug fixesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with f646e9075f47Daniel Stenberg
Cmake: Possibility to use OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, LibSSH2 on windowsJakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Removed repeated content from ending blocksJakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Removed some useless empty SET statements.Jakub Zakrzewski