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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

opts: provide more and updated examplesDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_RANGE.3: works for SFTP as wellDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: edited for clarityDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_SSLVERSION.3: provide an exampleDaniel Stenberg
docs/libcurl/ABI: more markdown friendlyDaniel Stenberg
docs: edited lots of libcurl docs for clarityDaniel Stenberg
opts: added examplesDaniel Stenberg
HISTORY: two glimpses in 2014Daniel Stenberg
nss: reset SSL handshake state machineKamil Dudka
cmake: generate pkg-config and curl-configPeter Wu
cmake: use LIBCURL_VERSION from curlver.hPeter Wu
cmake: add CMake/Macros.cmake to the release tarballDaniel Stenberg
test545: make it not use a trailing zeroDaniel Stenberg
ntlm: Fixed empty type-2 decoded message info textSteve Holme
ntlm: Fixed empty/bad base-64 decoded buffer return codesSteve Holme
ntlm: Avoid unnecessary buffer allocation for SSPI based type-2 tokenSteve Holme
httpcustomheader.c: make use of more CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER featuresDaniel Stenberg
sasl_sspi: Fixed some typosSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Fixed Kerberos response buffer not being allocated when using SSOSteve Holme
mk-ca-bundle: added SHA-384 signature algorithmBruno Thomsen
OS400: fix bugs in curl_*escape_ccsid() and reduce variables scopePatrick Monnerat
Implement pinned public key in GSKit backendPatrick Monnerat
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_*.3: fix reference typosDaniel Stenberg
cleanups: reduce variable scopeDaniel Stenberg
singleipconnect: remove dead assignment never usedDaniel Stenberg
pinning: minor code style policingDaniel Stenberg
Factorize pinned public key code into generic file handling and backend specificPatrick Monnerat
vtls: remove QsoSSLPatrick Monnerat
gskit: supply dummy randomization functionPatrick Monnerat
vtls/*: deprecate have_curlssl_md5sum and set-up default md5sum implementationPatrick Monnerat
tests: move TESTCASES to, add show for cmakePeter Wu
cmake: enable IPv6 by default if availablePeter Wu
cmake: build tool_hugehelp (ENABLE_MANUAL)Peter Wu
tests/ Python 3 supportPeter Wu
SECURITY: slightly nicer markdown formatDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-PROCEDURE: better markdown, more contentDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6637b237e6ebDaniel Stenberg
vtls: have vtls.h include the backend header filesDaniel Stenberg
test2036: verify -O with no slash at all in the URLDaniel Stenberg
get_url_file_name: make no slash equal empty stringDaniel Stenberg
get_url_file_name: never return a NULL string *and* OKDaniel Stenberg
Cmake: Build with GSSAPI (MIT or Heimdal)Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Got rid of setup_curl_dependenciesJakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Avoid cycle directory dependencies.Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Fix library list provided to cURL tests.Jakub Zakrzewski
Cmake: Check for OpenSSL before OpenLDAP.Jakub Zakrzewski
curl_multi_fdset.3: improved the formatting slightlyDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_fdset: explain the fd_set argumentsDaniel Stenberg
nss: do not fail if a CRL is already cachedKamil Dudka
OS400: upgrade interface for pinned public key (no implementation yet)Patrick Monnerat
FormAdd: precaution against memdup() of NULL pointerDaniel Stenberg
operate: avoid NULL dereferenceDaniel Stenberg
do_sec_send: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
krb5_encode: remove unused argumentDaniel Stenberg
operate_do: skip superfluous check for NULL pointerDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_getinfo.3: spell-fixDaniel Stenberg
GnuTLS: Implement public key pinningmoparisthebest
SSL: implement public key pinningmoparisthebest
multi_runsingle: fix possible memory leakDaniel Stenberg
ares::Curl_resolver_cancel: skip checking for NULL connDaniel Stenberg
parseconfig: skip a NULL checkDaniel Stenberg
multi-uv.c: call curl_multi_info_read() betterWaldek Kozba
tool_go_sleep: use (void) to spell out we ignore the return valueDaniel Stenberg
ssh_statemach_act: split out assignment from checkDaniel Stenberg
curl_schannel.c: Fixed possible memory or handle leakMarc Hoersken
getparameter: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
getparameter: comment a switch FALLTHROUGHDaniel Stenberg
choose_mech: fix return codeDaniel Stenberg
Curl_sec_read_msg: spell out that we ignore return codeDaniel Stenberg
nonblock: call with (void) to show we ignore the return codeDaniel Stenberg
parse_proxy: remove dead code.Daniel Stenberg
Curl_debug: document switch fallthroughsDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_remove_handle: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
Curl_pipeline_server_blacklisted: handle a NULL server nameDaniel Stenberg
ssh: comment "fallthrough" in switch statementDaniel Stenberg
ssh: improve key file searchJeremy Lin
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.3: libcurl doesn't copy the whole listDaniel Stenberg
detect_proxy: fix possible single-byte memory leakDaniel Stenberg
multi_runsingle: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
pop3_perform_authentication: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
imap_perform_authentication: fix memory leakDaniel Stenberg
wait_or_timeout: return failure when Curl_poll() failsDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: mention quoting in the URL sectionDaniel Stenberg
smtp: Fixed intermittent "SSL3_WRITE_PENDING: bad write retry" errorBill Nagel
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 53cbea22310f15Daniel Stenberg
file: reject paths using embedded %00Daniel Stenberg
test506: Fixed a couple of memory leaks in testDan Fandrich
CURLOPT_COOKIELIST: Added "RELOAD" commandYousuke Kimoto
CURLOPT_POSTREDIR.3: Added availability for CURL_REDIR_POST_303Michael Wallner
threaded-resolver: revert Curl_expire_latest() switchDaniel Stenberg
libcurl docs: improvements all overDaniel Stenberg
build: Added WinIDN build configuration optionsSteve Holme
tutorial: signals aren't used for the threaded resolverDaniel Stenberg
FAQ: update the pronunciation sectionDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_COOKIE*: added more cross-referencesDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: add node-libcurlDaniel Stenberg
README.http2: updated to reflect current statusDaniel Stenberg
formdata: removed unnecessary USE_SSLEAY useDaniel Stenberg
curlssl: make tls backend symbols use curlssl in the nameDaniel Stenberg