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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

libcurl-thread.3: minor reformattingDaniel Stenberg
curl_global_init_mem.3: Warn threaded resolver needs thread safe funcsJay Satiro
libcurl-thread.3: Warn memory functions must be thread safeJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 8b1d00ac1aSteve Holme
INSTALL: Minor formatting correction in 'Legacy Windows and SSL' sectionSteve Holme
http: move HTTP/2 cleanup code off http_disconnect()Kamil Dudka
ABI doc: use secure URLViktor Szakats
ABI: remove the ascii logoDaniel Stenberg
libcurl-multi.3: mention curl_multi_waitDaniel Stenberg
maketgz: Fixed some VC makefiles missing from the release tarballSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 2d7e165761Steve Holme
build: Added VC14 project files to Makefile.amSteve Holme
build: Added VC14 project filesSteve Holme
libcurl-thread.3: Clarify CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL takes long value 1LJay Satiro
generate.bat: Use lower-case for commands and reserved keywordsSteve Holme
build: Added initial VC14 support to generate.batSteve Holme
build: Fixed missing .opensdf files from VC10+ .gitignore filesSteve Holme
build: Use $(ProjectName) macro for curl.exe and curld.exe filenamesSteve Holme
build: Renamed curl src Visual Studio project filesSteve Holme
libcurl-thread.3: Revert to stricter handle wordingJay Satiro
libcurl-thread.3: Consolidate thread safety infoJay Satiro
README: Corrected formatting for 'Legacy Windows and SSL' sectionSteve Holme
build-openssl.bat: Added support for VC14Steve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 0f645adc95390e8Daniel Stenberg
test1902: attempt to make the test more reliableDaniel Stenberg
comment: fix comment about adding new option supportDaniel Stenberg
build-openssl.bat: Show syntax if required args are missingJay Satiro
TODO: improve how curl works in a windows console windowDaniel Stenberg
1.11 minimize dependencies with dynamicly loaded modulesDaniel Stenberg
tool_operate: Fix CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS for builds without HTTPSJay Satiro
configure: check if OpenSSL linking wants -ldlDaniel Stenberg
HTTP: ignore "Content-Encoding: compress"Michael Kaufmann
openssl: work around MSVC warningMarcel Raad
configure: add --disable-rt optionMichaƂ Fita
http2: verify success of strchr() in http2_send()Kamil Dudka
Windows: Fix VerifyVersionInfo callsJay Satiro
schannel: Replace deprecated GetVersion with VerifyVersionInfoMarcel Raad
makefile: Added support for VC14Steve Holme
os400: ebcdic wrappers for new functions. Upgrade ILE/RPG bindings.Patrick Monnerat
libcurl: VERSIONINFO updatePatrick Monnerat
http2: satisfy external references even if http2 is not compiled in.Patrick Monnerat
http2: add stream != NULL checks for reliabilityDaniel Stenberg
symbols-in-versions: Add new CURLSSLOPT_NO_REVOKE symbolJay Satiro
SSL: Add an option to disable certificate revocation checksJay Satiro
runtests: Allow for spaces in curl custom pathJay Satiro
ntlm_wb: Fix theoretical memory leakDavid Woodhouse
strerror: Add CRYPT_E_REVOKED to SSPI error stringsJay Satiro
libtest: call PR_Cleanup() on exit if NSPR is usedKamil Dudka
openssl: VMS support for SHA256John Malmberg
examples: Fix typo in multi-single.cJay Satiro
http2: Fix memory leak in push header arrayTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
test2041: fixed line endings in protocol partDan Fandrich
cyassl: fixed mismatched sha256sum function prototypeDan Fandrich
SSL: Pinned public key hash supportmoparisthebest
examples: provide <DESC> sectionsDaniel Stenberg
OpenVMS: VMS Software, Inc now the supplier.John Malmberg
multi: Move http2 push function declarations to header endJay Satiro
symbols-in-versions: Add new http2 push symbolsJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e6749055d653Daniel Stenberg
configure: disable libidn by defaultDaniel Stenberg
SSL-PROBLEMS: mention WinSSL problems in WinXPDaniel Stenberg addedDaniel Stenberg
tool_header_cb: fflush the header streamDaniel Stenberg
tests: Distribute CMakeLists.txt files in subdirectoriesRoger Leigh
CURLOPT_FAILONERROR.3: mention that it closes the connectionDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_setopt.3: alpha sort the optionsDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_setopt.3: add the new push optionsDaniel Stenberg
http2: Use nghttp2 library error code for error return valueTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
http2: Harden header validation for curl_pushheader_bynameTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION.3: Remove unused variableTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION.3: added exampleDaniel Stenberg
http2: curl_pushheader_byname now takes a const char *Daniel Stenberg
http2-serverpush.c: example codeDaniel Stenberg
http2: free all header memory after the push callbackDaniel Stenberg
http2: init the pushed transfer properlyDaniel Stenberg
http2: fixed the header accessor functions for the push callbackDaniel Stenberg
http2: setup the new pushed stream properlyDaniel Stenberg
http2: initial implementation of the push callbackDaniel Stenberg
http2: initial HTTP/2 server push types/docsDaniel Stenberg
test1531: verify POSTFIELDSIZE set after add_handleDaniel Stenberg
pretransfer: init state.infilesize here, not in add_handleDaniel Stenberg
tool_help: fix --tlsv1 help text to use >= for TLSv1Lior Kaplan
INSTALL: Advise use of non-native SSL for Windows <= XPJay Satiro
curl_easy_setopt.3: restore contents removed by mistakeKamil Dudka
curl_easy_setopt.3: mention CURLOPT_PIPEWAITDaniel Stenberg
cookie: Fix bug in export if any-domain cookie is presentJay Satiro
FTP: fixed compiling with --disable-proxy, broken in b88f980aDan Fandrich
tool: always provide negotiate/kerberos optionsDaniel Stenberg
TODO: Support IDNA2008Daniel Stenberg
Makefile.m32: add support for CURL_LDFLAG_EXTRASViktor Szakats
RTSP: removed another piece of dead codeDaniel Stenberg
openssl: fix use of uninitialized bufferDaniel Stenberg
examples: more descriptionsDaniel Stenberg
examples: add descriptions with <DESC>Daniel Stenberg
libcurl-errors.3: fix typoDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_setopt.3: option order doesn't matterDaniel Stenberg
openssl: fix build with BoringSSLDaniel Stenberg
openssl: Fix build with openssl < ~ 0.9.8fPaul Howarth
FTP: do the HTTP CONNECT for data connection blockingDaniel Stenberg
bump: start the journey toward 7.44.0Daniel Stenberg