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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

DescriptionAuthor Re-aligned feature support commentsSteve Holme Use Kerberos and SPNEGO as proxies for the crypto featureSteve Holme Added support for SPNEGOSteve Holme Added Kerberos detectionSteve Holme Added GSS-API detectionSteve Holme
FILEFORMAT: Added SSPI, GSS-API and Kerberos to the features listSteve Holme
FILEFORMAT: Added test requires feature not present informationSteve Holme
http.c: log if it notices HTTP 1.1 after a upgrade to http2Daniel Stenberg
test1801: first real http2 test caseDaniel Stenberg
sws: initial tiny steps toward http2 supportDaniel Stenberg
FILEFORMAT: mention the new upgrade supportDaniel Stenberg
test1800: first plain-text http2 test caseDaniel Stenberg
http: Disable pipelining for HTTP/2 and upgraded connectionsTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.3: mention the COPYPOSTFIELDS optionBrad Harder
multi-uv.c: Updated for curl coding standardsSteve Holme
conncache: Fixed specifiers in infof() for long and size_t variablesSteve Holme
cmake: add Kerberos to the supported featuresPeter Wu
cmake: fix NTLM detection when CURL_DISABLE_HTTP definedPeter Wu
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with cb13fad733eDaniel Stenberg
examples: Wait recommended 100ms when no file descriptors are readyJay Satiro
multi-uv.c: close the file handle after downloadWaldek Kozba
multi: inform about closed sockets before they are closedJon Spencer
build: in Makefile.m32 moved target autodetection.Guenter Knauf
build: in Makefile.m32 simplify platform flags.Guenter Knauf
build: in Makefile.m32 try to detect 64bit target.Guenter Knauf
CMake: Simplify if() conditions on check result variablesBrad King
TODO-RELEASE: removedDaniel Stenberg
debug: added new connection cache output, plus fixupsCarlo Wood
multi: move the ending condition into the loop as wellDaniel Stenberg
multi: Prefer we don't use CURLE_OK and NULL in comparisonsSteve Holme
multi_runsingle: use 'result' for local CURLcode storageDaniel Stenberg
multi_runsingle: rename result to rcDaniel Stenberg
multi: make multi_runsingle loop internallyDaniel Stenberg
multi: when leaving for timeout, close accordinglyCarlo Wood
build: in Makefile.m32 add -m32 flag for 32bit.Guenter Knauf
mk-ca-bundle.vbs: update copyright year.Guenter Knauf
build: in Makefile.m32 pass -F flag to windres.Guenter Knauf
config-win32: Fixed build targets for the VS2012+ Windows XP toolsetSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Removed note about the NTLM functions being a wrapperSteve Holme
connect.c: Fixed compilation warning when no verbose string supportSteve Holme
easy.c: Fixed compilation warning when no verbose string supportSteve Holme
win32: Updated some legacy APIs to use the newer extended versionsSteve Holme
config-win32: Introduce build targets for VS2012+Steve Holme
sasl_sspi: Fixed compilation warnings when no verbose string supportSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Added base64 decoding debug failure messagesSteve Holme
ntlm: Moved the SSPI based Type-3 message generation into the SASL moduleSteve Holme
ntlm: Moved the SSPI based Type-2 message decoding into the SASL moduleSteve Holme
ntlm: Moved the SSPI based Type-1 message generation into the SASL moduleSteve Holme
kerberos: Use symbol qualified with _KERBEROS5Michael Osipov
examples: Don't call select() to sleep on windowsJay Satiro
http2: Don't send Upgrade headers when we already do HTTP/2Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
sasl: Corrected Curl_sasl_build_spn() function descriptionSteve Holme
tool: Removed krb4 from the supported featuresSteve Holme
tool: Use Kerberos for supported featuresMichael Osipov
urldata: Don't define sec_complete when no GSS-API support presentSteve Holme
docs: Use consistent naming for KerberosMichael Osipov
TODO: Lets support QOP options in GSSAPI authenticationSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Corrected a couple of comment typosSteve Holme
sasl: Moved Curl_sasl_gssapi_cleanup() definition into header fileSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Added missing RFC reference for HTTP Digest authenticationSteve Holme
ntlm: Clean-up and standardisation of base64 decodingSteve Holme
ntlm: We prefer 'CURLcode result'Steve Holme
CMake: Restore order-dependent library checksBrad King
CMake: Restore order-dependent header checksBrad King
test22: expand a backtick commandPeter Wu
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 2ee3c63b13Daniel Stenberg
http2: fix switched macro when http2 is not enabledDaniel Stenberg
http2: Deal with HTTP/2 data inside response header bufferTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
configure: Fixed inclusion of krb5 when CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH is definedSteve Holme
multi: removed Curl_multi_set_easy_connectionDaniel Stenberg do not require autotoolsPeter Wu
cmake: add ENABLE_THREADED_RESOLVER, rename ARESPeter Wu
cmake: build libhostname for test suitePeter Wu
cmake: fix HAVE_GETHOSTNAME definitionPeter Wu
tests: fix libhostname visibilityPeter Wu
tests: fix memleak in server/resolve.cPeter Wu
configure: assume krb5 when gss-api worksDaniel Stenberg
vtls.h: Fixed compiler warning when compiled without SSLSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 2fbf23875fSteve Holme
ntlm: Added separate SSPI based functionsSteve Holme
http_ntlm: Use the SASL functions insteadSteve Holme
libssh2: detect features based on version, not configure checksDaniel Stenberg
SSH: use the port number as well for known_known checksNobuhiro Ban
INSTALL: Updated pre-processor references to the old VC6 project filesSteve Holme
INSTALL: Added email protocols to the "Disabling in Win32 builds" sectionSteve Holme
configure: Fixed NTLM missing from features when CURL_DISABLE_HTTP definedSteve Holme
build: Fixed no NTLM support for email when CURL_DISABLE_HTTP is definedSteve Holme
ntlm: Removed an unnecessary free of native Target InfoSteve Holme
ntlm: Moved the native Target Info clean-up from HTTP specific functionSteve Holme
ntlm: Moved SSPI clean-up code into SASL moduleSteve Holme
Makefile.dist: Added support for WinIDNSteve Holme
Makefile.vc6: Added support for WinIDNSteve Holme
Makefile.dist: Added some missing SSPI configurationsSteve Holme
Makefile.dist: Separated the groups of SSL configurations from each otherSteve Holme
Makefile.dist: Grouped the x64 configurations next to their x86 counterpartsSteve Holme
curl.h: Tidy up of CURL_VERSION_* flagsSteve Holme
curl_tool: Added krb5 to the supported featuresSteve Holme
configure: Added krb5 to the supported featuresSteve Holme
version info: Added Kerberos V5 to the supported featuresSteve Holme
mk-ca-bundle.vbs: switch to new certdata.txt url.Guenter Knauf