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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

non-ascii: We prefer 'CURLcode result'Steve Holme clean up formatting of config and fix verbose outputMarc Hoersken update Windows detection and fix path conversionMarc Hoersken make OpenSSL CApath and cert absolute path valuesMarc Hoersken
if2ip: dummy scope parameter for Curl_if2ip() call in SIOCGIFADDR-enabled code.Patrick Monnerat
parseurlandfillconn(): fix improper non-numeric scope_id stripping.Kyle J. McKay
IPV6: address scope != scope idPatrick Monnerat
connect: singleipconnect(): properly try other address families after failurePatrick Monnerat
SFTP: work-around servers that return zero size on STATDaniel Stenberg
glob_next_url: make the loop count upwardsDaniel Stenberg
tool_operate: we prefer 'CURLcode result'Daniel Stenberg
tool_urlglob: unify return codes to use CURLcodeDaniel Stenberg
tool_urlglob.c: partly reverse dc19789444Daniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: the SFTP code doesn't support CURLINFO_FILETIMEDaniel Stenberg
opts: Warn CURLOPT_TIMEOUT overrides when set after CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MSJay Satiro
darwinssl: fix incorrect usage of aprintf()Nick Zitzmann
copyright: Updated the copyright year following recent updatesSteve Holme
tool_urlglob.c: reverse two loopsDaniel Stenberg
tool_urlglob.c: Added braces to clarify the conditionsMarc Hoersken
tool_urlglob.c: Silence warning C6293: Ill-defined for-loopMarc Hoersken
tool_binmode.c: Explicitly ignore the return code of setmodeMarc Hoersken
lib: Fixed multiple code analysis warnings if SAL are availableMarc Hoersken
smb.c: Fixed code analysis warningSteve Holme
tool_util.c: Use GetTickCount64 if it is availableMarc Hoersken
smb: Use HAVE_PROCESS_H for process.h inclusionSteve Holme
darwinssl: aprintf() to allocate the session keyDaniel Stenberg
curl_schannel: Improvements to memory re-allocation strategyMarc Hoersken
asyn-ares: We prefer use of 'CURLcode result'Steve Holme
curl_schannel.c: Data may be available before connection shutdownMarc Hoersken
http2: Use 'CURLcode result' for curl result codesSteve Holme
asyn-thread: We prefer 'CURLcode result'Steve Holme
smb: Fixed unnecessary initialisation of struct member variablesSteve Holme
ntlm: Fixed return code for bad type-2 Target InfoSteve Holme
ntlm: Remove unnecessary casts in readshort_le()Steve Holme
curl_ntlm_msgs.c: Another attempt to fix compilation warningSteve Holme
synctime.c: added own user-agent string.Guenter Knauf
smb.c: Fixed line longer than 79 columnsSteve Holme
curl_ntlm_msgs.c: Fixed compilation warning from commit 783b5c3b11Steve Holme restored forced run again.Guenter Knauf
synctime.c: removed another timeserver URL.Guenter Knauf
synctime.c: fixed timeserver URLs.Guenter Knauf
ftp.c: Fixed compilation warning when no verbose string supportSteve Holme
smb: Added state change functions to assist with debuggingSteve Holme
ntlm: Use short integer when decoding 16-bit valuesSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 6291a16b20Steve Holme
smtp.c: Fixed compilation warningsSteve Holme
smb: Disable SMB when 64-bit integers are not supportedSteve Holme
ntlm: Disable NTLM v2 when 64-bit integers are not supportedSteve Holme
ntlm: Allow NTLM2Session messages when USE_NTRESPONSES manually definedSteve Holme
smtp.c: Fixed line longer than 79 columnsSteve Holme
config-win32.h: Don't enable Windows Crypt API if using OpenSSLSteve Holme
smtp: Fixed inappropriate free of the scratch bufferSteve Holme
smtp: Fixed dot stuffing when EOL characters were at end of input buffersSteve Holme
telnet: fix "cast increases required alignment of target type"Daniel Stenberg
ntlm_wb_response: fix "statement not reached"Daniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 1cc5194337Steve Holme
Curl_unix2addr: avoid using the variable name 'sun'Daniel Stenberg
url.c: Fixed compilation warning when USE_NTLM is not definedSteve Holme
parsedate.c: Fixed compilation warningSteve Holme
TODO: Cache negative name resolvesDaniel Stenberg
ldap: check Curl_client_write() return codesDaniel Stenberg
ldap: rename variables to comply to curl standardsDaniel Stenberg
sws.c: Fixed 'rc' may be used uninitialized warningDan Fandrich
cookies: Improved OOM handling in cookiesDan Fandrich
synctime.c: fixed user-agent setting.Guenter Knauf
smb: fix unused return code warningDaniel Stenberg
Curl_client_write() & al.: chop long data, convert data only once.Patrick Monnerat
VC build: added sspi define for winssl-zlib builds.Guenter Knauf
schannel_recv: return the correct codeDaniel Stenberg
http2: avoid logging neg "failure" if h2 was not requestedDaniel Stenberg
openldap: do not ignore Curl_client_write() return codesDaniel Stenberg
compile: warn on unused return code from Curl_client_write()Daniel Stenberg
SMB: Fix a data size mismatch that broke SMB on big-endian platformsPatrick Monnerat
smb: Fixed Windows autoconf builds following commit eb88d778e7Steve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 526603ff05Steve Holme
smb: Build with SSPI enabledBill Nagel
ntlm: Use Windows Crypt APIBill Nagel
cookie.c: Refactored cleanup code to simplifyDan Fandrich
get_url_file_name: Fixed crash on OOM on debug buildDan Fandrich
sws.c: Fixed compilation warningSteve Holme
ftp.c: Fixed compilation warnings when proxy support disabledSteve Holme
smb: Fixed a problem with large file transfersSteve Holme
smb: Moved the URL decoding into a separate functionSteve Holme
smb: Fixed URL encoded URLs not workingSteve Holme Added our standard header and updated file formattingSteve Holme Updated file formattingSteve Holme
curl_md4.h: Updated copyright year following recent editSteve Holme
SMB: Fix big endian problems. Make it OS/400 aware.Patrick Monnerat
OS400: enable NTLM authenticationPatrick Monnerat
multi.c: Fixed compilation warningSteve Holme
build: updated dependencies in makefiles.Guenter Knauf
sasl: Corrected formatting of function descriptionsSteve Holme
sasl_gssapi: Added missing function descriptionSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Provided better descriptionsSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Corrected some typosSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Don't use hard coded sizes in Kerberos V5 security dataSteve Holme
sasl_sspi: Free the Kerberos V5 challenge as soon as we're done with itSteve Holme
gssapi: Corrected typo in commentsSteve Holme
sasl_gssapi: Added body to Curl_sasl_create_gssapi_security_message()Steve Holme
http_perhapsrewind: don't abort CONNECT requestsStefan B├╝hler