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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

tool_sdecls.h: Fixed compilation warning from commit 4a889441d3Steve Holme
opts: 8 more CURLINFO* options as stand-alone man pagesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with c764cb4add1a8Daniel Stenberg
man-pages: more SEE ALSO linksDaniel Stenberg
opts: more CURLINFO_* options as stand-alone man pagesDaniel Stenberg
sasl: Only define Curl_sasl_digest_get_pair() when CRYPTO_AUTH enabledSteve Holme
sasl: Updated SPN variables and comments for consistencySteve Holme
configure: check for HMAC_Update in opensslDaniel Stenberg
win32: Use DES_set_odd_parity() from OpenSSL/BoringSSL by defaultSteve Holme
des: Fixed compilation warning from commit 613e5022feSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Fixed double blank line in 'curl manual' warning outputSteve Holme
makefiles: Added our standard copyright headerSteve Holme
CURLOPT_FILETIME.3: CURLINFO_FILETIME has its own manpage nowJay Satiro
CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE.3: added short descriptionDaniel Stenberg
opts: 7 initial CURLINFO_* options as stand-alone man pagesDaniel Stenberg
libcurl.m4: Put braces around empty if bodyNikolai Kondrashov
curl_easy_escape.3: escape '\n'Svyatoslav Mishyn
curl_easy_{escape,setopt}.3: fix exampleSvyatoslav Mishyn
cmake: added Windows SSL supportSergei Nikulov
curl: point out the conflicting HTTP methods if usedDaniel Stenberg
curl: clarify that users can only specify one _METHOD_Daniel Stenberg
curl_easy_{escape,unescape}.3: "char *" vs. "const char *"Svyatoslav Mishyn
os400: include new options in wrappers and update ILE/RPG binding.Patrick Monnerat
KNOWN_BUGS: #2, not reading a HEAD response-body is not a bugDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: #78 zero-length files is already fixed!Daniel Stenberg
getinfo: added CURLINFO_ACTIVESOCKETRazvan Cojocaru
http2: remove dead codeDaniel Stenberg
ntlm: mark deliberate switch case fall-throughDaniel Stenberg
http2: on_frame_recv: get a proper 'conn' for the debug loggingDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 2acaf3c804Daniel Stenberg
tool: fix memory leak with --proto-default optionDan Fandrich
CURLOPT_DEFAULT_PROTOCOL: addedNathaniel Waisbrot
runtests: Allow for spaces in server-verify curl custom pathJay Satiro
NTLM: recent boringssl brought DES_set_odd_parity backDaniel Stenberg
configure: detect latest boringsslDaniel Stenberg
configure: change functions to detect openssl (clones)Daniel Stenberg
openssl: handle lack of server cert when strict checking disabledAlessandro Ghedini
ftp: clear the do_more bit when the server has connectedDaniel Stenberg
travis.yml: Add OS X testbot.Jactry Zeng
travis: Upgrading to container based buildRémy Léone
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 14ff86256b13eDaniel Stenberg
rtsp: stop reading empty DESCRIBE responsesErik Janssen
rtsp: support basic/digest authenticationErik Janssen
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION.3: fix argument typesSam Roth
inet_pton.c: Fix MSVC run-time check failureMarcel Raad
docs: Update the redirect protocols disabled by defaultJay Satiro
gitignore: Sort for readabilityJay Satiro
curl_easy_getinfo.3: fix superfluous spaceDaniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION.3: connection re-use goes before versionDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: Document weaknesses in SSLv2 and SSLv3Daniel Kahn Gillmor
generate.bat: Added support for generating only the prerequisite filesSteve Holme
generate.bat: Only call buildconf.bat if it existsSteve Holme
generate.bat: Fixed issues when ran in directories with special charsSteve Holme
cmake: Fix CurlTests check for gethostbyname_r with 5 argumentsBrad King
* buildconf.bat: Fixed issues when ran in directories with special charsSteve Holme
curl_global_init_mem.3: Stronger thread safety warningJay Satiro
curl_multi_add_handle.3: fix a typoSvyatoslav Mishyn
docs: fix typosAlessandro Ghedini
bump: start working toward 7.45.0Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: remove duplicate nameDaniel Stenberg
THANKS-filter: merge Todd's namesDaniel Stenberg
THANKS: 13 new contributors from the 7.44.0 RELEASE-NOTESDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with c75a1e775061Daniel Stenberg
curl_formget.3: correct return codeSvyatoslav Mishyn
libcurl-tutorial.3: fix formattingSvyatoslav Mishyn
curl_easy_recv.3: fix formattingSvyatoslav Mishyn
http2: discard frames with no SessionHandleAnders Bakken
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 9ee40ce2abaDaniel Stenberg
build: refer to fixed libidn versionsViktor Szakats
Revert "configure: disable libidn by default"Daniel Stenberg
CMake: s/HAVE_GSS_API/HAVE_GSSAPI/ to match header defineJakub Zakrzewski
SFTP: fix range request off-by-one in size checkDaniel Stenberg
test46: update cookie expire timeDaniel Stenberg
generate.bat: Use buildconf.bat for prerequisite file generationSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Tidy up of comments after recent commitsSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Added full generation of src\tool_hugehelp.cSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Added detection of groff, nroff, perl and gzipSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Move DOS variable clean-up code to separate functionSteve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 39dcf352d2Steve Holme
buildconf.bat: Added error messages on failureSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Generate and clean files in the same orderSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Maintain compatibility with DOS based systemsSteve Holme
CURLOPT_RESOLVE.3: Note removal support was added in 7.42Jay Satiro
checksrc.bat: Fixed error when missing *.c and *.h filesSteve Holme
checksrc.bat: Fixed incorrect 'lib\vtls' path check in commit 333c36b276Steve Holme
checksrc.bat: Fixed error when [directory] isn't a curl source directorySteve Holme
checksrc.bat: Added check for unknown argumentsSteve Holme
scripts: Added missing commentsSteve Holme
scripts: Always perform setlocal and endlocal calls in pairsSteve Holme
scripts: Allow -help to be specified in any argumentSteve Holme
curl_multi_remove_handle.3: fix formattingjuef
README: Added notes about 'Running DLL based configurations'Steve Holme
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with cf8975387fSteve Holme
buildconf.bat: Synchronise no repository error with generate.batSteve Holme
generate.bat: Added a check for the presence of a git repositorySteve Holme
build: Added wolfSSL configurations to VC10+ project filesJay Satiro
build: Added wolfSSL build script for Visual Studio projectsJay Satiro
CHANGES: refer to the online changelogDaniel Stenberg
NTLM: handle auth for only a single requestIsaac Boukris
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 473807b95fSteve Holme