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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

FAQ: 4.21 Why is there a HTTP/1.1 in my HTTP/2 request?Daniel Stenberg handle '-' in the deprecated fieldDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: fix "The the" typoDaniel Stenberg
vtls: use curl_printf.h all overDaniel Stenberg
tool: use ENABLE_CURLX_PRINTF instead of _MPRINTF_REPLACEDaniel Stenberg
tool_writeenv: remove _MPRINTF_REPLACE define, it wasn't usedDaniel Stenberg
libtest: fixed linker errors on msvcSergei Nikulov
mprintf.h: remove #ifdef CURLDEBUGDaniel Stenberg
tool_getpass: remove unused curl/mprintf.h includeDaniel Stenberg file for advice on githubDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: add link to Harbour bindingsViktor Szak√°ts
CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION.3: typo in error code nameDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: tclcurl movedDaniel Stenberg
opts: Fix pipelining examplesJay Satiro
curl_multi_setopt.3: Link to CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTSJay Satiro
CONTRIBUTE: the new more github-friendly attitude!Daniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 921d195187Steve Holme
tool: wrap lines longer than 79 columnsKamil Dudka
http2: Return error if stream was closed with other than NO_ERRORTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
tool: Updated the warnf() function to use the GlobalConfig structureSteve Holme
build: Removed DataExecutionPrevention directive from VC9+ project filesSteve Holme
build: Use default RandomizedBaseAddress directive in VC9+ project filesSteve Holme
build: Added support to Generate.bat for files in the upcoming vauth folderSteve Holme
http2: return recv error on unexpected EOFDaniel Stenberg
dist: add to the tarballKamil Dudka
http2: move lots of verbose output to be debug-onlyDaniel Stenberg eliminate double quotes around CURL_CA_BUNDLEKamil Dudka
nss: do not skip Curl_nss_seed() if data is NULLKamil Dudka
nss: improve error handling in Curl_nss_random()Kamil Dudka
RELEASE-PROCEDURE: add some more future release datesDaniel Stenberg
sws: timeout idle CONNECT connectionsDaniel Stenberg
bump: start working toward 7.42.0Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: added contributors from the 7.41.0 RELEASE-NOTESDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: sync with ffc2aeec6e (7.41.0 release time!)Daniel Stenberg
Revert "telnet.c: fix handling of 0 being returned from custom read function"Marc Hoersken
telnet.c: fix invalid use of custom read function if not being setMarc Hoersken
telnet.c: fix handling of 0 being returned from custom read functionMarc Hoersken
sws: stop logging about TPC_NODELAY nonsenseDaniel Stenberg
lib530: make it less timing sensibleDaniel Stenberg
connect: wait for IPv4 connection attemptsKamil Dudka
connect: avoid skipping an IPv4 addressKamil Dudka
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 5e4395eab839dDaniel Stenberg
ROADMAP: curl_easy_setopt.3 has already been split upDaniel Stenberg
ROADMAP: extend the HTTP/2 stuff, remove SPDYDaniel Stenberg
configure: allow both --with-ca-bundle and --with-ca-pathJulian Ospald
cmake: install the dll file to the correct directoryBen Boeckel
nss: fix NPN/ALPN protocol negotiationAlessandro Ghedini
polarssl: fix ALPN protocol negotiationAlessandro Ghedini
CMake: Fix generation of tool_hugehelp.c on windowsSergei Nikulov
CMake: fix winsock2 detection on windowsSergei Nikulov
gtls: fix build with HTTP2Alessandro Ghedini
Makefile.vc6: Corrected typos in rename of darwinssl.objSteve Holme
By request, change the name of "curl_darwinssl.[ch]" to "darwinssl.[ch]"Nick Zitzmann
RELEASE-NOTES: Synced with 6f89f86c3dSteve Holme
tests/README: Updated to reflect email test rangesSteve Holme
curl.1: --cert-status is also supported by OpenSSL nowAlessandro Ghedini
build: Removed Visual Studio SuppressStartupBanner directive for VC8+Steve Holme
openssl: fix a compile-time warningKamil Dudka
openssl: Use OPENSSL_IS_BORINGSSL for BoringSSL detectionSteve Holme
ftp: accept all 2xx responses to the PORT commandPatrick Monnerat
openssl: Disable OCSP in old versions of OpenSSLSteve Holme
http2: Fix bug that associated stream canceled on PUSH_PROMISETatsuhiro Tsujikawa
polarssl: Fix exclusive SSL protocol version optionsJay Satiro
gskit: Fix exclusive SSLv3 optionJay Satiro
curl.1: clarify that -X is used for all requestsDaniel Stenberg
curl.1: add warning when using -H and redirectsDaniel Stenberg
schannel: Removed curl_ prefix from source filesSteve Holme
md5: use axTLS's own MD5 functions when availableDaniel Stenberg
MD(4|5): make the MD4_* and MD5_* functions staticDaniel Stenberg
axtls: fix conversion from size_t to int warningDaniel Stenberg
ftp: Use 'CURLcode result' for curl result codesSteve Holme
openssl: SSL_SESSION->ssl_version no longer existDaniel Stenberg
unit1600: Fix compilation when NTLM is disabledDan Fandrich
MD5: fix compiler warnings and code style nitsDaniel Stenberg
MD5: replace implementationDaniel Stenberg
MD4: fix compiler warnings and code style nitsDaniel Stenberg
MD4: replace implementationDaniel Stenberg
telnet: Prefer 'CURLcode result' for curl result codesSteve Holme
hostasyn: Prefer 'CURLcode result' for curl result codesSteve Holme
schannel: Prefer 'CURLcode result' for curl result codesSteve Holme
unit1601: MD5 unit testsDaniel Stenberg
unit1600: unit test for Curl_ntlm_core_mk_nt_hashDaniel Stenberg
unit1600: NTLM unit testDaniel Stenberg
tests/README: add a new range, clean up some languageDaniel Stenberg
opts: CURLOPT_CAINFO availability depends on SSL engineJay Satiro
getpass: protect include with proper #ifdefDaniel Stenberg
getpass_r: read from stdin, not stdout!Daniel Stenberg
test1135: verify the CURL_EXTERN order in header filesDaniel Stenberg fix 'make distcheck'Daniel Stenberg
curl_sasl.c: More code policingSteve Holme
libcurl-symbols: first basic shot for autogenerated docsDaniel Stenberg
FAQ: minor edit of 3.22Daniel Stenberg
build: Added removal of Visual Studio project filesSteve Holme
build: Renamed top level Visual Studio solution filesSteve Holme
build: Enabled DEBUGBUILD in Visual Studio debug buildsSteve Holme
build: Removed unused Visual Studio bscmake settingsSteve Holme
CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION.3: CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2_0 added in 7.33.0Daniel Stenberg
TODO: moved WinSSL/SChannel todo items into docsMarc Hoersken
CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION.3: also when server closes a connectionMichael Kaufmann
curl_sasl.c: Fixed compilation warning when cryptography is disabledSteve Holme