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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

http2: unify http_conn variable names to 'c'Daniel Stenberg
ConnectionExists: call it multi-use instead of pipeliningDaniel Stenberg
nss: fix compilation failure with old versions of NSSPaul Howarth
sws: init http2 state properlyDaniel Stenberg
curl_easy_getinfo.3: document 'internals' in CURLINFO_TLS_SESSIONDaniel Stenberg
runtests: use a DISABLED.local file tooDaniel Stenberg
schannel.c: Fix typo introduced with 3447c973d0Marc Hoersken
schannel.c: Fix possible SEC_E_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL errorMarc Hoersken
schannel: re-indented file to follow curl style betterDaniel Stenberg
Curl_ossl_init: load builtin modulesDaniel Stenberg
configure: follow-up fix for krb5-configDaniel Stenberg
openssl: fix serial number outputDaniel Stenberg
sasl_sspi: Populate domain from the realm in the challengeGrant Pannell
tool: New option --data-raw to HTTP POST data, '@' allowed.Anthony Avina
test2039: fixed line endings that caused a test failureDan Fandrich
netrc: add unit tests for 'default' supportViktor Szakats
netrc: support 'default' tokenViktor Szakats extended the HTTP/2 section, reformattedDaniel Stenberg
curl -z: do not write empty file on unmet conditionKamil Dudka
tool: fixed a comment typoDan Fandrich
README: convert to UTF-8Dan Fandrich
cyassl: Implement public key pinningJay Satiro
curl.1: fix typoAlessandro Ghedini
docs: distribute the CURLOPT_PINNEDPUBLICKEY(3) man page, tooKamil Dudka
tests/unit/.gitignore: hide unit1601 and above, tooKamil Dudka
connectionexists: follow-up to fd9d3a1ef1fDaniel Stenberg
connectionexists: fix build without NTLMDaniel Stenberg
bump: start working toward 7.43.0Daniel Stenberg
nss: implement public key pinning for NSS backendKamil Dudka
dist: include {src,lib}/checksrc.whitelistDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: updated for 7.42.0Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: added contributors from 7.42.0 release notesDaniel Stenberg
THANKS-filter: a few more alterations to squashDaniel Stenberg helper script for maintaining THANKSDaniel Stenberg
http_done: close Negotiate connections when doneDaniel Stenberg
fix_hostname: zero length host name caused -1 index offsetDaniel Stenberg
cookie: cookie parser out of boundary memory accessDaniel Stenberg
ConnectionExists: for NTLM re-use, require credentials to matchDaniel Stenberg
openssl: add OPENSSL_NO_SSL3_METHOD checkbyronhe
CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION.3: match parameter name in synopsis and descDaniel Stenberg
configure --with-nss: remove unneeded libs from the fallbackMostyn Bramley-Moore fix help output, filter out (-prefix from namesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with cc0e7ebc3be0Daniel Stenberg
CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION.3: Clarify, add an exampleMichael Stapelberg
vtls/openssl: use https in URLs and a comment typo fixedViktor Szakáts
curl_version_info.3: fixed the 'protocols' variable typeDaniel Stenberg
test1423: added missing "file" to server sectionDan Fandrich
TheArtOfHttpScripting: Multiple URLs + Multiple HTTP methodsDaniel Stenberg
Revert "HTTP: don't abort connections with pending Negotiate authentication"Daniel Stenberg
cyassl: Fix include orderJay Satiro
configure --with-nss: drop redundant if statementKamil Dudka
configure --with-nss=PATH: query pkg-config if availableKamil Dudka
parsecfg: do not continue past a zero terminationDaniel Stenberg
gitignore: Ignore Windows build output directoriesJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 1ba6e4c88e0Daniel Stenberg
TODO: 17.9 Choose the name of file in braces for complex URLsDaniel Stenberg
TODO: a little caution that maybe not all ideas are still goodDaniel Stenberg
TODO: 17.8 offer color-coded HTTP header outputDaniel Stenberg
TODO: 17.7 warning when sending binary output to terminalDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: #90 IMAP "SEARCH ALL" truncates output on large boxesDaniel Stenberg
cyassl: Add support for TLS extension SNIJay Satiro
gitignore: ignore test-driver fileMatthew Hall
vtls_openssl: improve PKCS#12 load failure error messageMatthew Hall
vtls_openssl: fix minor typo in PKCS#12 load routineMatthew Hall
vtls_openssl: improve client certificate load failure error messagesMatthew Hall
vtls_openssl: remove ambiguous SSL_CLIENT_CERT_ERR constantMatthew Hall
BUGS: refer to the github issue tracker now as primaryDaniel Stenberg
firefox-db2pem: fix wildcard to find Firefox default profileDaniel Stenberg
cyassl: Include the CyaSSL build configJay Satiro
build: Generate source prerequisites for Visual Studio in generate.batJay Satiro
lib/makefile.m32: add missing libs to build libcurl.dllViktor Szakats
test142[23]: verify that an empty file is stored on successKamil Dudka
src/tool_operate: create output file on successful downloadKamil Dudka
src/tool_cb_wrt: separate fnc for output file creationKamil Dudka
lib/transfer.c: Remove factor of 8 from sleep time calculationDa-Yoon Chung
x509asn1: Silence x64 loss-of-data warning on RSA key length assignmentJay Satiro
cyassl: Use CYASSL_MAX_ERROR_SZ for error buffer sizeJay Satiro
cyassl: Remove 'Connecting to' message from cyassl_connect_step2Jay Satiro
checksrc.bat: quotes to support an SRC_DIR with spacesViktor Szakats
hostip: fix compiler warningsDaniel Stenberg
actually implement CURLOPT_RESOLVE removalsStefan Bühler
move Curl_share_lock and ref counting into Curl_fetch_addrStefan Bühler
fix refreshing of obsolete dns cache entriesStefan Bühler
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with abf6bddc14aDaniel Stenberg
checksrc.bat: Check lib\vtls sourceJay Satiro
cyassl: Set minimum protocol version before CTX callbackJay Satiro
build-openssl.bat: Fix mixed line endingsJay Satiro
cyassl: Fix certificate load checkJay Satiro
http2: Fix missing nghttp2_session_send call in Curl_http2_switchedTatsuhiro Tsujikawa
cookie: handle spaces after the name in Set-CookieDaniel Stenberg
cyassl: Fix library initialization return valueJay Satiro
CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES.3: Mainly SHOUTcast servers use "ICY 200"Thomas Ruecker
axtls: add timeout within Curl_axtls_connectDan Fandrich
checksrc: Windows-specific input fixesJay Satiro
configure: Use KRB5CONFIG for krb5-configDagobert Michelsen
multi: remove_handle: move pending connectionsDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: 89 is bug #1411Daniel Stenberg
cyassl: CTX callback cosmetic changes and doc fixJay Satiro
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with d2feb71752fDaniel Stenberg
tool_operate: only set SSL options if SSL is enabledDan Fandrich