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Number of OSes covered: 34

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libcurl > Win32 > Generic > 2000/XP > i386

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For Win32 2000/XP on i386 libcurl

curl version: 7.40.0 - SSL enabled
Provided by: G√ľnter Knauf

This package is type libcurl This is a pure binary libcurl package, possibly including header files and documentation, but without the command line tool and other cruft. If you want libcurl for a program that uses libcurl, this is most likely the package you want.

The file is packaged using zip. Zip is a widely-used file archiving format. Wikipedia has more details on zip.

We know only one OS version (2000/XP) for package libcurl on Win32

We know only one CPU (i386) for package libcurl on Win32 version 2000/XP