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What: Generic source tar, bzip2
SHA-1: c39b120585a8a8d64ef14459d6d5f22831d4a7c4
MD5: e6d1f9d1b59da5062109ffe14e0569a4
Size: 2809266 bytes
Version: 7.36.0
GPG signature: curl-7.36.0.tar.bz2.asc

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curl-7.36.0.tar.bz2 is available from 9 known sites (verified 8 hours and 5 minutes ago)

caCanada (Vancouver)
deGermany (Cologne)
deGermany (Nuernberg)
deGermany (St. Wendel, Saarland)
nlNetherlands (Amsterdam)
seSweden (Stockholm)
seSweden (Uppsala)
usUS (Indiana)

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