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Re: MIME headers

From: kris <>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 07:47:34 -0600

>>$mime_headers is like so:
>><? $mime_headers="POST /AUTHORIZE HTTP/1.0\nMIME-Version:
>>1.0\nContent-type: application/X1"; ?>
>>..and so on..
>I don't understand how the command line looks like that you're trying to use.
>Can you show us the full command line, as it looks when the variables are
>expanded ?
Hello, and thank you for the reply. I dont know how to show you the
command line. I've never seen it either. I didn't know there was a
way. I am using
PHP to exec() the command so I assume what is inside exec("") in my
previous email was how you would type it directly to the command line.
See my first post to
the list for this information I beleive.

How do I see test case 97? What are you talking about exactly? Is this
something available on the web? I would like to see cURL do exactly
what I'm asking for too! :) Thanks, A URL would be nice... Thank you,


>>cURL just ignores my -H and does whatever it does by default.
>I noticed there was no test case verifying this functionality, so I just added
>test case 97 that does pretty much exactly what you're asking for here and it
>worked just as expected for me.

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Received on 2004-02-02

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