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RE: Looking for utilities written with curl

From: Tony G <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 12:55:32 -0800

Silly me wrote:
> >I started wondering about how many other great apps might use cURL out
> >there, and (to my point) if anyone has created an open source
> >repository of tools that use cURL to do various tasks.

> From: Aleksandar Lazic
> have you seen
> If there is no program for you maybe you can write your own with
> wsh/batch/shell ;-)

I've been on the cURL list for a few years but I confess I haven't been to
any of those pages for a while. (DUH) Thanks for the tip, and I hope
other cURL users see this and make their programs and enhancements
available on those pages.

Received on 2007-12-27

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