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Re: SSL + Cookies

From: Ralph Mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 09:42:07 -0500

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 5:29 AM, insaini <> wrote:

> Hi Ralph, I saw the it is creating CPC_TEST_COOKIE through javascript..
> but there are other cookies beyond CPC_TEST_COOKIE that are missing..
> Here is the list,
> OBCurl=https%3A//sso-
> JSESSIONID=JjXTHnNYyXVq8HnLjzTLLGhDZLx53gpGs65x8DTJyTmJJh54JSTN!1003121022;
> s_cc=true;
> s_sq=canadapostca-dev%3D%2526pid%253Dest%252520%25253A%252520ship%252520%25253A%252520canada%252520%25253A%252520step%2525201%2526pidt%253D1%2526oid%253Dhttps%25253A//est-
> Why are these cookies not being retrieved when they are not generated by
> the page but passed.. ?
Where are the cookies being passed from?? If they were ever sent by the
server, you'd be seeing something like this in the headers:

     Set-Cookie: s_cc=true;

If they're not being sent like that, from the server, I think curl won't see
them and therefore won't save and re-send them.

Where do these other cookies appear?? After you login via Firefox?? When
you try to login via curl are you sending that CPC_TEST_COOKIE??

Ralph Mitchell

Ralph Mitchell
Received on 2008-03-24

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