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Re: postfields and unicode objects

From: Seth Vidal <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 13:09:04 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009, wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 10:55:40AM -0400, Seth Vidal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> using pycurl 7.19.0 and curl 7.19.4. I've found if I submit a unicode
>> object to the postfields option using setopt() that I get a type error
>> TypeError: invalid arguments to setopt
>> if I coerce the unicode object to a string using str(obj) then it works
>> but that coercion will sometimes fail due to unicode decode problems.
>> Now, my question: is there any reason this HAS to be a string object and
>> can't be a unicode object and if so should I file it as an issue with
>> pycurl?
> It looks like unicode should work.
> Based upon this description, either the object isn't a unicode object
> that's a subclass of string, or you've found a bug in the Python C API.
> Here's the relevant bit of pycurl.c (1635-1647):
> if (PyString_AsStringAndSize(obj, &str, &len) != 0)
> return NULL;
> /* automatically set POSTFIELDSIZE */
> if (len <= INT_MAX) {
> res = curl_easy_setopt(self->handle, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE, (lon
> } else {
> res = curl_easy_setopt(self->handle, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE
> }
> if (res != CURLE_OK) {
> }
> break;
> The only place this code is checking types is in the if statement.
> At least for python 2.4.4, the C API says this about
> PyString_AsStringAndSize():
> int PyString_AsStringAndSize(PyObject *obj, char **buffer, int *length)
> Return a NUL-terminated representation of the contents of the
> object obj through the output variables buffer and length.
> The function accepts both string and Unicode objects as input.
> For Unicode objects it returns the default encoded version of
> the object. If length is NULL, the resulting buffer may not
> contain NUL characters; if it does, the function returns -1 and
> a TypeError is raised.
> The buffer refers to an internal string buffer of obj, not a
> copy. The data must not be modified in any way, unless the
> string was just created using PyString_FromStringAndSize(NULL,
> size). It must not be deallocated. If string is a Unicode
> object, this function computes the default encoding of string
> and operates on that. If string is not a string object at all,
> PyString_AsStringAndSize() returns -1 and raises TypeError.
> (
> I'd double-check your arguments, just to make sure. If it is a unicode
> object, this might be a Python bug.

it's definitely a unicode object.
I had it dump the type() out right before setting the opt.


Received on 2009-08-13

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