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Re: Question about CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH

From: James Gallagher <>
Date: 28 Jul 2003 15:50:32 -0700

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 15:23, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, James Gallagher wrote:
> > I have a possibly naive question about the HTTPAUTH feature of
> > libcurl-7.10.6. I have an application that needs to use authentication.
> > Basic authentication is OK, but I'd prefer Digest. When I call:
> >
> > curl_easy_setopt(d_curl, CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH, (long)CURLAUTH_BASIC);
> >
> > Authentication works just fine. However, when I use:
> >
> >
> > or just CURLAUTH_DIGEST alone, authentication fails. I can see with VERBOSE
> > and a DEBUGFUNCTION that with CURLAUTH_BASIC an Authorization header is send
> > to the server (here's what it looks like: Authorization: Basic
> > amltZzp3YXNfcXVpdA==, which seems odd since I thought with Basic
> > authenticationthe username and password would be sent as plain text...) but
> > with BASIC|DIGEST or DIGEST, there's no such header.
> First, the Basic credentials are plain text base64 encoded. (As Scott already
> mentioned.)
> Digest authentication requires an initial request to get a "WWW-Authenticate:
> Digest" header back that contains the nonce needed for doing subsequent
> request which then should get a proper response back (if the name and password
> are correct).
> > Can anybody tell me how to get Digest authentication working or what I'm
> > doing wrong? If so, I'd really appreciate it.
> What headers do you get back in the first response?

Here's the first response, where HTTPAUTH is set to

        * About to connect() to
        * Connected to ( port 80
> GET /secure-3.4/nph-dods/version HTTP/1.1
        Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, */*
        Accept-Encoding: deflate
        User-Agent: DODS DAP++/3.4.0
        Accept-Encoding: deflate
        * The requested URL returned error: 401
        * Connection #0 left intact
        The requested URL returned error: 401
        * Closing connection #0


> (I just now wrote up a fresh test case that tests Basic or Digest, and it
> seems to work fine...)

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Received on 2003-07-29

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