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Re: yangtse: curl/lib sendf.c,1.125,1.126 sendf.h,1.33,1.34

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:34:08 +0100

2007/3/21, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> > Or just leave it as it was previously even when one of Dan's auto builds is
> > complaining due to the use of --disable-verbose ?
> >
> I think we can leave them, and instead work on improving the header
> magic to hide those warnings since gcc has an extension for it, C99
> support it and for others I guess we more or less will have to use the
> empty function body version...

Ok, patch reverted.

Some strange magic will be needed to shut up those warnings that
appear with --disable-verbose. ;-)

Received on 2007-03-21

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