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Measure units in docs are missing

From: Francesco Montorsi <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 20:14:39 +0200

Hi all,
   thanks for this great library!

I'm looking forward to use it in my wxWidgets-based programs through the
wxCURL C++/wxWidgets interface... BTW wxCURL is moving from its previous
location to:

(I say this because I see the BINDINGS file of libCURL contains the old

Now, to the main subject of the mail: it's not a big trouble but in the
docs for e.g. CURLINFO_SPEED_DOWNLOAD, there's no mention of the measure
units. I suppose that it's bytes/second but mentioning it in the docs
would be very nice.

There are other various CURLINFO* symbols where this indication is
missing and not only for "speeds".

Francesco Montorsi
Received on 2007-03-31

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