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Re: probs. building libcurl w/gssapi on win32

From: David Rosenstrauch <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 13:28:56 -0400

Yang Tse wrote:
> As others have already stated, and you have verified, the problem is
> that the GSS MIT headers pollutes namespace on WIN32 builds using
> them.

> It seems that the origin of the problem mostly comes from the
> inclusion of win-mac.h in GSS headers. So lets go to the origin and
> prevent its inclusion by the GSS headers when building libcurl.

> This can be done with something like the following in libcurl's urldata.h

> Could you give this approach a try ?

Tried it, but doesn't look like that's going to work. gssapi/gssapi.h
also includes win-mac.h, and so also starts giving me duplicate definitions:

#if defined(_MSDOS) || defined(_WIN32)
#include <win-mac.h>

Received on 2008-05-22

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