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Re: Should I always call curl_multi_socket_all() aftercurl_multi_add_handle()

From: Christopher Palow <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 16:42:17 -0700

It’s no longer needed. I think the docs got updated. Curl_multi_add_handle
starts the connection. Make sure to call curl_timeout in your event loop
or have a timeout callback because shortly after a curl_multi_add_handle()
there will be a timeout that you’ll need to call culr_multi_socket_action()


On 6/13/08 1:52 AM, "邓民文" <> wrote:

> Should I always call curl_multi_socket_all() after curl_multi_add_handle()
> i see this in the example code hiperfifo.c (in the function static void
> new_conn(char *url, GlobalInfo *g ))
> i think it will harm the performance, when we already add many thousands easy
> handles into the the multi handle.
Received on 2008-06-14

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