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RE: libcurl and libssh2

From: Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC) <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 16:21:39 +0800

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> Daniel Stenberg
> Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 4:12 PM
> To: libcurl development
> Subject: RE: libcurl and libssh2
> On Tue, 20 Oct 2009, Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC) wrote:
> > Can I assume that if the callback is not defined in the code, the
> > system function fread() is used by default?
> Yes. I believe it's even documented somewhere...

You are right. It is documented:
/* from */
If you set the callback pointer to NULL, or don't set it at all, the default internal read function will be used. It is simply doing an fread() on the FILE * stream set with CURLOPT_READDATA.
My bad eyesight.

Xu Qiang
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