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Problems builing curl library using cmake through VS 2008 x64 project file

From: Andriy Y <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 15:58:24 +0200

I hope this is an appropriate place to write this question to.

I'm trying to build libcurl project using Visual Studio 2008 for x64
platform (while I'm working on x86).
I've created the project and solution files by running cmake command:
D:\Programming\Libs\curl-7.21.0> cmake "Visual Studio 8 2005 Win64" .

However, when trying to build generated solution, I receive tons of erros
1>D:\Programming\Libs\curl-7.21.0\include\curl/curlbuild.h(160) : error
C2061: syntax error : identifier 'curl_off_t'
1>D:\Programming\Libs\curl-7.21.0\include\curl/curlrules.h(94) : fatal error
C1189: #error : "CURL_TYPEOF_CURL_OFF_T definition is missing!"

I searched for this identifier to find next line CMakeLists.txt:
  set(CURL_TYPEOF_CURL_OFF_T ${ssize_t})

As far as I understand, CMake should have supplied somehow those defines to
be included in compilation, however this hasn't happened.
Could you please explain what am I doing wrong and what should be done to
build curl library ?

Best regards,
Andrey Yanov

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Received on 2010-06-23

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