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How to chain the certificates !!

From: Shanmugam Jp-VMB768 <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:04:57 -0400

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to establish a two-way authenticated path with Apache. I
have issues while doing client authentication.


I have two certificates - sub CA certificate and the client certificate
( also have the key ). We don't want to include the sub CA certificate
in the apache configuration via SSLCACertificateFile !! So, the apache
is configured only with the root CA certificate and it expects the sub
CA to be passed by the clients.


Using OpenSSL, I am able to chain the certificates into pkcs12 format
and use the p12 file with any browser to authenticate the client.
However, the goal is to do this via libCURL. Concatenating the sub CA
and the client certificate into a single file does not work. CURL
reports unable to set private key. Any pointers on how to use the Sub
CA certificate and the client certificate while authenticating the
clients from Curl ???




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Received on 2010-10-27

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