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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

ftp: fix wrong poll on the secondary socketAles Novak
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 95ded2c56Daniel Stenberg
configure: make it work without PKG_CHECK_MODULESDaniel Stenberg
Revert "KNOWN_BUGS: SOCKS proxy not working via IPv6"Marc Hoersken
win: Basic support for Universal Windows Platform appsMarco Deckel
sasl: Don't use GSSAPI authentication when domain name not specifiedSteve Holme
vauth: Added check for supported SSPI based authentication mechanismsSteve Holme
http.c: Remove duplicate (authp->avail & CURLAUTH_DIGEST) checkSteve Holme
socks.c: display the hostname returned by the SOCKS5 proxy serverMarc Hoersken
urldata.h: Corrected comment for httpcode which is also populated by SMTPSteve Holme
socks.c: use Curl_printable_address in SOCKS5 connection sequenceMarc Hoersken
socks.c: align SOCKS4 connection sequence with SOCKS5Marc Hoersken
http.c: Corrected indentation change from commit 2708d4259bSteve Holme
http: Added calls to Curl_auth_is_<mechansism>_supported()Steve Holme
socks.c: improve verbose output of SOCKS5 connection sequenceMarc Hoersken add missing quotes to PKG_CHECK_MODULESMarc Hoersken
sasl: Added calls to Curl_auth_is_<mechansism>_supported()Steve Holme
spnego_sspi: fix memory leak in case *outlen is zero (#970)Miroslav Franc
CURLMOPT_MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS.3: mention it can also multiplexDaniel Stenberg
vauth: Introduced Curl_auth_is_<mechansism>_supported() functionsSteve Holme
test1144: verify HEAD with body-only responseDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-PROCEDURE: Added some more future release datesSteve Holme
curl: allow "pkcs11:" prefix for client certificatesDavid Woodhouse
nss: make the global variables staticDaniel Stenberg
openssl: use regular malloc instead of OPENSSL_mallocDaniel Stenberg
proxy: fix tests as follow-up to 93b0d907d5Daniel Stenberg
Revert "Proxy-Connection: stop sending this header by default"Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_PROXY.3: unsupported schemes cause errors nowDaniel Stenberg
tests/README: mention nghttpx for HTTP/2 testsDaniel Stenberg add our CII Best Practices badgeDaniel Stenberg
proxy: polished the error message for unsupported schemesDaniel Stenberg
test219: verify unsupported scheme for proxies get rejectedDaniel Stenberg
proxy: reject attempts to use unsupported proxy schemesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with b7ee5316c2fd5bDaniel Stenberg
socks.c: Correctly calculate position of port in response packetMarc Hoersken
socks.c: Do not modify and invalidate calculated response lengthMarc Hoersken
socks.c: Move error output after reading the whole response packetMarc Hoersken
MANUAL: Remove invalid link to LDAP documentation (#962)Ronnie Mose
openssl: accept subjectAltName iPAddress if no dNSName matchJay Satiro add zlib search with pkg-configDambaev Alexander
rtsp: ignore whitespace in session idDaniel Stenberg
HTTP: retry failed HEAD requests tooDaniel Stenberg
mk-ca-bundle.1: document -m, added in 1.26Daniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e577c43bb5Daniel Stenberg
rtsp: accept any RTSP session idErik Janssen
symbols-in-versions: add CURL_STRICTERDaniel Stenberg
winbuild: Allow changing C compiler via environment variable CC (#952)Simon Warta switched to markdownDaniel Stenberg
docs-make: have markdown files use .mdDaniel Stenberg
curl.h: make CURL_NO_OLDIES define CURL_STRICTERDaniel Stenberg use markdown extensionDaniel Stenberg renamed to markdown extensionDaniel Stenberg use markdown extension for markdown contentDaniel Stenberg markdown extensionDaniel Stenberg
CONTRIBUTE: changed to markdownDaniel Stenberg
CONTRIBUTE: refreshedDaniel Stenberg
TODO: added an SSH section and two SFTP things to doDaniel Stenberg
TODO: remove the 1.22 duplicated itemDaniel Stenberg
TODO: move "CURLOPT_MAIL_CLIENT" to SMTP sectionDaniel Stenberg
TODO: API for URL parsing/splittingDaniel Stenberg
TODO: move QUIC to the HTTP sectionDaniel Stenberg
winbuild: Free name $(CC) in Makefile (#950)Simon Warta
TODO: Use huge HTTP/2 windowsDaniel Stenberg
winbuild: Avoid setting redundant CFLAGS to compile commands (#949)Simon Warta
cmake: Enable win32 threaded resolver by defaultJay Satiro
cmake: Enable win32 large file support by defaultJay Satiro
TODO: added several ideas, removed SPDYDaniel Stenberg
http2: always wait for readable socketDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 7b4bf37a44791Daniel Stenberg
mbedtls: set debug threshold to 4 (verbose) when MBEDTLS_DEBUG is definedThomas Glanzmann
CURLOPT_TCP_NODELAY: now enabled by defaultDaniel Stenberg
TFTP: Fix upload problem with piped inputSerj Kalichev -m keeps ca cert meta data in outputDaniel Stenberg
multi: make Curl_expire() work with 0 ms timeoutsDaniel Stenberg
transfer: return without select when the read loop reached maxcountDaniel Stenberg
mbedtls: Added support for NTLMBill Nagel
travis: removed option to rebuild autotool from sourceSergei Nikulov
bump: start working toward 7.50.2Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: 7 new contributors from the 7.50.1 releaseDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: 7.50.1Daniel Stenberg
TLS: only reuse connections with the same client certDaniel Stenberg
TLS: switch off SSL session id when client cert is usedDaniel Stenberg
curl_multi_cleanup: clear connection pointer for easy handlesDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: SOCKS proxy not working via IPv6Daniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: transfer-encoding: chunked in HTTP/2Daniel Stenberg
TODO: Provide cmake config-fileDaniel Stenberg
os400: define BUILDING_LIBCURL in make script.Patrick Monnerat
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with aa9f536a18bDaniel Stenberg
mbedtls: Fix debug function nameThomas Glanzmann
travis: fix OSX build by re-installing libtoolSergei Nikulov
win32: fix a potential memory leak in Curl_load_libraryMartin Vejnár
include: revert 9adf3c4 and make public types void * againDaniel Stenberg
cmake: Fix for schannel supportYonggang Luo
Revert "travis: Install libtool for OS X builds"Jay Satiro
travis: Install libtool for OS X buildsJay Satiro
TODO: minor typo in last commitViktor Szakats
TODO: Timeout idle connections from the poolDaniel Stenberg
os400: minimum supported OS version: V6R1M0.Patrick Monnerat
tests: Fix for http/2 featureJay Satiro