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Recent Activity in the repo

Recent commits done in curl's source code repository in reversed chronological order!

curl: fix callback argument inconsistencyHanno Böck
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 556c51a2dfDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: typomadblobfish
make: use the variable MAKE for recursive callsMaksim Stsepanenka
conncache: make hashkey avoid mallocDaniel Stenberg
http: do not treat FTPS over CONNECT as HTTPSKamil Dudka
pause: handle mixed types of data when pausedDaniel Stenberg
http: Fix proxy connection reuse with basic-authIsaac Boukris
openssl: exclude DSA code when OPENSSL_NO_DSA is definedJay Satiro
examples/fopen: checksrc complianceJay Satiro
schannel: fix variable shadowing warningMarcel Raad
multi: fix MinGW-w64 compiler warningsMarcel Raad
.gitattributes: turn off CRLF for *.amMarcel Raad
spelling fixesklemens
curl: check for end of input in writeout backslash handlingDaniel Stenberg
tests/README: make "Run" section foolproofMarcel Raad
openssl: fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressionsDaniel Stenberg
asiohiper: make sure socket is open in event_cbEdward Kimmel
openssl: made the error table static constDan Fandrich
openssl: fall back on SSL_ERROR_* string when no error detailJay Satiro
mkhelp: disable compression if the perl gzip module is unavailableDan Fandrich
tests/README: mention nroff for --manual testsAnders Roxell
CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP.3: add exampleDaniel Stenberg
travis: run tests-nonflaky instead of tests-fullDaniel Stenberg
make: introduce 'test-nonflaky' targetDaniel Stenberg
test2033: flakyDaniel Stenberg
mbedtls: add support for CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTIONAles Mlakar
cmake: add support for building HTML and PDF docsPeter Wu
cmake: build manual pages (including curl.1)Peter Wu
docs: split file lists into Makefile.incPeter Wu
examples: comment typos in http2 examplesDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: typoDaniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6e0f26c8a8c28dfDaniel Stenberg
multi: fix streamclose() crash in debug modeDaniel Stenberg
CONTRIBUTE: mention referring to github issues in commit msgsDaniel Stenberg fixed display of the Gopher IPv6 port numberDan Fandrich
tests: fixed the documented test server port numbersDan Fandrich
test714/5: added HTTP as a required featureDan Fandrich
tests: strip more options from non-HTTP --libcurl testsDan Fandrich
darwinssl: fix typo in variable namePalo Markovic
tool_operate: Fix showing HTTPS-Proxy options on CURLE_SSL_CACERTJay Satiro
CURLINFO_LOCAL_PORT.3: fix typoJay Satiro
CURLINFO_LOCAL_PORT.3: added exampleDaniel Stenberg mention HTTPS proxies and their separate optionsDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: a Delphi bindingDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: remove libidn related issueDaniel Stenberg
build: removed redundant DEPENDENCIES from makefilesDan Fandrich
Improve code readbilitySylvestre Ledru
winbuild: add basic support for OpenSSL 1.1.xAnatol Belski
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with c25e0761d0fc49c4Daniel Stenberg
make: regenerate docs/curl.1 by runinng make in docsDaniel Stenberg
test1440/1: depend on well-defined file: behaviourDan Fandrich
tests: clear the SSL_CERT_FILE variable on --libcurl testsDan Fandrich
test1287: added verbose logs keywordDan Fandrich
tool_writeout: fixed a buffer read overrun on --write-outDan Fandrich
url: add option CURLOPT_SUPPRESS_CONNECT_HEADERSDesmond O. Chang
http_proxy: Ignore TE and CL in CONNECT 2xx responsesJay Satiro
mbedtls: fix typo in variable nameThomas Glanzmann
tests: fix the authretry testsMichael Kaufmann
proxy: skip SSL initialization for closed connectionsMichael Kaufmann
curl_easy_reset: Also reset the authentication stateMichael Kaufmann
authneg: clear auth.multi flag at http_doneIsaac Boukris
url: don't compile detect_proxy if HTTP support is disabledDan Fandrich
cmdline-opts: fixed a few typosDan Fandrich add coverity and travis badgesDaniel Stenberg
ISSUE_TEMPLATE: for bugs, ask questions on the mailing listDaniel Stenberg
openssl: add two /* FALLTHROUGH */ to satisfy coverityDaniel Stenberg
tests: disabled 1903 nowDaniel Stenberg
tls-max.d: added to the makefileDan Fandrich
build: fixed making man page in out-of-tree tarball buildsDan Fandrich
mkhelp: simplified the gzip codeDan Fandrich
polarssl: fixed compile errors introduced in 6448f98cDan Fandrich
bump: next release will be known as 7.54.0Daniel Stenberg
openssl: unbreak the build after 6448f98c1857deDaniel Stenberg
vtls: add options to specify range of enabled TLS versionsJozef Kralik
RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6888a670aa01Daniel Stenberg
MANPAGE: clarify the dash situation in meta dataDaniel Stenberg
insecure.d: clarify that this is for server connectionsDaniel Stenberg
test1260: added http as a required featureDan Fandrich
maketgz: Run to update man pagesSteve Brokenshire
gitignore: Ignore man page dist filesSteve Brokenshire Remove distribution man pages when running 'make clean'Steve Brokenshire Added scripts/ to EXTRA_DISTSteve Brokenshire Update man pages to use current date and versionsSteve Brokenshire
http2: Fix assertion error on redirect with CL=0Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
ares: Curl_resolver_wait_resolv: clear *entry first in functionDaniel Stenberg
ares: better error return on timeoutsDaniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: Add DarwinSSL won't import PKCS#12 without a passwordJay Satiro
test1260: removed errant XML tagDan Fandrich
URL: return error on malformed URLs with junk after port numberDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: update the Lua-cURL URLDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: add Scilab bindingSylvestre Ledru
BINDINGS: add go-curl and perl6-net-curlDaniel Stenberg
BINDINGS: add misssing C++ bindingsDaniel Stenberg
ares: return error at once if timed out before name resolve startsDaniel Stenberg
CMake: Set at most one SSL libraryMichael Maltese
CMake: Add mbedTLS supportMichael Maltese
CMake: Add DarwinSSL supportMichael Maltese
CMake: Reorganize SSL support, separate WinSSL and SSPIMichael Maltese
CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION.3: Fix EXAMPLE formatting errorsJay Satiro