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Vulnerabilities in curl 7.14.1

curl version 7.14.1 was released on September 1 2005. The following 36 security problems are known to exist in this version.

FlawFrom versionTo and includingCVE
HTTP authentication leak in redirects6.07.57.0CVE-2018-1000007
FTP PWD response parser out of bounds read7.77.55.1CVE-2017-1000254
--write-out out of buffer read6.57.53.1CVE-2017-7407
printf floating point buffer overflow7.17.51.0CVE-2016-9586
cookie injection for other servers7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8615
case insensitive password comparison7.77.50.3CVE-2016-8616
OOB write via unchecked multiplication7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8617
double-free in curl_maprintf7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8618
double-free in krb5 code7.37.50.3CVE-2016-8619
curl_getdate read out of bounds7.
Use-after-free via shared cookies7.
invalid URL parsing with '#'
IDNA 2003 makes curl use wrong host7.
curl escape and unescape integer overflows7.
TLS session resumption client cert bypass7.17.50.0CVE-2016-5419
Re-using connections with wrong client cert7.17.50.0CVE-2016-5420
Windows DLL hijacking7.
NTLM credentials not-checked for proxy connection re-use7.
sensitive HTTP server headers also sent to proxies7.17.42.0CVE-2015-3153
Negotiate not treated as connection-oriented7.
Re-using authenticated connection when unauthenticated7.
URL request injection6.07.39.0CVE-2014-8150
cookie leak with IP address as domain7.17.37.1CVE-2014-3613
IP address wildcard certificate validation7.17.35.0CVE-2014-0139
wrong re-use of connections7.
re-use of wrong HTTP NTLM connection7.
URL decode buffer boundary flaw7.77.30.0CVE-2013-2174
cookie domain tailmatch6.07.29.0CVE-2013-1944
SSL CBC IV vulnerability7.
inappropriate GSSAPI delegation7.
data callback excessive length7.
embedded zero in cert name7.47.19.5CVE-2009-2417
Arbitrary File Access6.07.19.3CVE-2009-0037
GnuTLS insufficient cert verification7.
URL Buffer Overflow7.
NTLM Buffer Overflow7.

Changelog for curl 7.14.1

See vulnerability summary for the previous release: 7.14.0 or the subsequent release: 7.15.0