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Vulnerabilities in curl 7.9.6

curl version 7.9.6 was released on April 14 2002. The following 22 security problems are known to exist in this version.

FlawFrom versionTo and includingCVE
HTTP authentication leak in redirects6.07.57.0CVE-2018-1000007
FTP PWD response parser out of bounds read7.77.55.1CVE-2017-1000254
--write-out out of buffer read6.57.53.1CVE-2017-7407
printf floating point buffer overflow7.17.51.0CVE-2016-9586
cookie injection for other servers7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8615
case insensitive password comparison7.77.50.3CVE-2016-8616
OOB write via unchecked multiplication7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8617
double-free in curl_maprintf7.17.50.3CVE-2016-8618
double-free in krb5 code7.37.50.3CVE-2016-8619
invalid URL parsing with '#'
TLS session resumption client cert bypass7.17.50.0CVE-2016-5419
Re-using connections with wrong client cert7.17.50.0CVE-2016-5420
sensitive HTTP server headers also sent to proxies7.17.42.0CVE-2015-3153
URL request injection6.07.39.0CVE-2014-8150
cookie leak with IP address as domain7.17.37.1CVE-2014-3613
IP address wildcard certificate validation7.17.35.0CVE-2014-0139
URL decode buffer boundary flaw7.77.30.0CVE-2013-2174
cookie domain tailmatch6.07.29.0CVE-2013-1944
embedded zero in cert name7.47.19.5CVE-2009-2417
Arbitrary File Access6.07.19.3CVE-2009-0037
Kerberos Authentication Buffer Overflow7.37.13.0CVE-2005-0490
Proxy Authentication Header Information Leakage7.17.10.6

Changelog for curl 7.9.6

See vulnerability summary for the previous release: 7.9.5 or the subsequent release: 7.9.7