cURL / libcurl / PHP Binding

PHP/CURL -- using libcurl with PHP

Get libcurl functionality straight from within your PHP programs. PHP/CURL is supported built-in since PHP 4.0.2, no extra stuff is needed but PHP and libcurl installed.

PHP/CURL is a binding that uses libcurl. It means that the PHP team has written a glue layer for PHP that speaks to the underlying libcurl. That layer, the binding, is what we call PHP/CURL and that is what offers the functions named curl_* within the PHP language for you. The PHP/CURL binding is written, maintained and being provided by the PHP team and you will not find any binaries, DLLs or other packages for it on this site.

Performance Comparison*

10 per minute for fopen/fread for 100 HTTP files
2000 per minute for PHP/CURL for 2000 HTTP files


The primary site for all things PHP is of course the site. See their PHP/CURL section for details.

(If you for some reason still don't read the instructions on the site...) You need to enable the PHP/CURL support when you build PHP: install PHP/CURL. There's also the document with hints on how to install PHP/CURL on IIS.


We collect a list of PHP/CURL powered applications.

Docs and Examples

The PHP/CURL binding description is found on the PHP site.

We provide example sources showing how to use PHP/CURL in various ways.

Off-site Articles

These are all fine articles written by others. They are all fairly friendly towards newcomers to PHP/CURL.

Deploying libcURL with PHP by Sojish Krishnan.

Michael Reynolds wrote about credit card payment with curl (the command line tool) and PHP.

phpfreak wrote an 5-page introduction to PHP/CURL.

Jim Thome's simple getting-started with PHP/CURL.'s Using curl to Query Remote Servers (does in fact use PHP/CURL)

Mailing List / Forum

We have this special-purpose mailing list for PHP/CURL runs a PHP/CURL web forum (heavily promoting their book...)

See Also

The PECL HTTP package that might in fact suit you better! It too uses libcurl.


The following books have a varying degree of PHP/CURL documentation included:


The PHP/CURL module was written by Sterling Hughes.

What is PHP

You'll find more info on the official PHP web page.


[*] = The performance numbers above comes from admin at sellchain dot com