cURL / libcurl / Scheme Binding

accessing libcurl from Scheme

All you need to do is to install the Bigloo-scheme package and then you'll be able to access libcurl from within your Bigloo programs!

Visit the cURL-Bigloo homepage.

How to Install
Install curl and libcurl first.


    (curl "curl-bigloo.scm")))
(print "CURL version: " (curl-version))
;; Initialization
(define curl-ptr (curl-easy-init))
(print "URL: "
       (curl-easy-setopt curl-ptr (CURLOPT-URL) "http://localhost/index.html"))
(print "FILE: "
       (curl-easy-setopt curl-ptr (CURLOPT-FILE) (fopen "index.html" "w")))
(print "WRITE-HEADER: "
       (curl-easy-setopt curl-ptr (CURLOPT-WRITEHEADER) (fopen "header" "w")))
(print "Perform: " (curl-easy-perform curl-ptr))
;; Clean up
(curl-easy-cleanup curl-ptr)

Binding documentation
Use the C API manual and lookup a corresponding Scheme binding in curl-bigloo.scm.

Get the curl-bigloo tarball

The Bigloo-curl binding was written by Kirill Lisovsky.

What is Bigloo?
You'll find more info on the official Bigloo web page.