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RE: the download page

From: Roth, Kevin P. <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 07:57:13 -0400

Since you asked, here's my nitpicking. As always, it's just one man's opinion - you can take it or circular file it...

1. I don't think users get lost. Especially now that you've split them out by platform. I think a wizard would just be overly complex.

2. If you're trying to the use of a mirror rather than your own bandwidth, you shouldn't link directly to the download; rather, change "7.10.4/mirror" into just "7.10.4", and point it to your latest.cgi page. Then, on the latest.cgi page, list the mirrors, along with the local link; include the local link first if you prefer. This would simplify the downloads page slightly.

3. I suggest combining all rows back into one table, because I liked the visual appeal of having the columns lined up all the way down the page. But, I also really like the new section breaks. I suggest making the section headers (win32, linux, etc) into table rows that span across all rows, with either a blank row before and after, or extra margin or padding introduced by CSS tags.

4. In the cygwin section, can you flip source-ssl and bin-ssl, so that bin-ssl comes first?

4b. Also, while I'm thinking of it, I think I'd prefer to use the names "cygcurl(-devel)-n.n.n(-src|-nossl).tar.bz2", rather than the current use of a "-cygwin" later in the name. So, the "-cygwin" in all 4 of my cases just gets changed to "cyg" at the beginning of the filenames. Could you make the necessary changes (to the upload script etc) for this to happen? It's OK to go ahead and rename the current (7.10.4) files to match, if that helps the auto-generate script any...

5. Instead of calling the first section "generic", and making it "blend in" with the rest of the entries, how about going back to calling it "Full Source Archive", and then naming the package "curl" within the table (aka "curl tar bzip2", "curl tar gzip", and "curl zip"). Or better yet, go back to the previous look of that section (totally separate); for example, you don't need to list the date (it's in bold just above it), the submitter (it's obvious), or that fact that it's of type "source"...

6. Last but not least. You might consider moving the file extensions (tar.bzip2, zip, etc) into a new column, possibly labled "Format". And, you might consider using icons to represent the format, rather than text. For one thing, it would take less room on the screen, and for another, it's really not a part of the package name. In most cases (except for the source archives) there isn't even a choice. Each platform usually uses just one archive format...

- Kevin

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Received on 2003-04-08