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ERROR - curl: (26) failed creating formpost data

From: Paul Jacobs <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:56:44 +1000

Hi All

       I have an issue at the moment when trying to run Curl. I have built a
Java application that runs on an AIX box, that is designed to automatically
send files across the internet using the HTTPS protocol.
The application runs using a JRun server that is running as Root on the AIX
The system logs each command it makes to the OS and as such I am able to
tell what commands it is submitting.
When it goes to POST a file to another URL it uses the following command

/usr/local/bin/curl -F username=loadtest2 -F password=loadtest2 -F
<Destination URL>

loadtest2 is the same of the test user I am using.

The system then logs the following error.....
              curl: (26) failed creating form post data
and of course the file is never received by the destination URL.

After viewing the CURL website I believe this error relates to the inability
of the program to read the file listed in the CURL command (extract from
CURL website)

             There was a problem reading a local file or an error
             returned by the read call-back.

Usually at this point I would say the error is related to permissions on the
server, but when I run the Curl command from the command line (logged in as
Root), it works fine!!!!!! Yet the JRun server along with the Java
application running on it, also run as Root and when it submits the command,
it fails!

I can't understand why this is happening!!!! Has anyone else experienced
this issue. I can't figure out what is going on.

Paul J

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Received on 2003-06-30