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http url re-writing modifiers.

From: Roberto Basso <>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:12:16 +0000
I am working with an application which use instead of cookies,the http url re-writing modifiers.
I have a session argument which is called TOKEN and has a value $VAR to send in a post https request that was like this:
CURL  -m 30 -v -d "TOKEN=$VAR&ssousername=user1&password=fantasy&submit=Login" -L ""                      
If I run in this way,I got an http error 404
The requested URL /pls/ora/ORA.wwsso_app_admin.ls_login was not found on this server.
I didn't find any flag in curl doc,which let me post with the re-writing modifier but the normal curl post coding went bad so
I suppose there is some special parameter to do this. 
The machine is a liniux Red Hat 7.3 running curl-7.8.1.
Did anyone know what have I to do?
Many tks.

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