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Problems posting data when using curl with a proxy

From: Kamal-R Patel <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:01:41 +0000


Can anyone pls help with the following problem I am having.

I am running a curl command like the one below:

curl --verbose --show-error --progress-bar --cert-type DER --cert cert_prod.cer --key-type PEM --key prodlive-pvtkey.pem --cacert ca-bundle.crt --include --location-trusted --data-ascii --data-ascii -d password=test123 -x proxy_server_address --url --cookie-jar cookies_prod.txt --cookie name=cookies_prod.txt

The problem is that the data (the user and password) is not being posted to the target https site for some reason. I am using a proxy with this command above, and I am sure this has got something to do with the problem, because I have another similar curl command without using a proxy and it works fine.

Is there some special requirements when posting data via proxies that I should be aware of?

Your help is much appreciated!!



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