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RE: not enough space Solaris 9 and curl 7.10.5

From: Christian AkerÝ <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:05:02 +0100

Thank you for answering my question.

Its the javaclient(a servlet) that gets the exception(IOException)

we are running curl like this:

 Process child = runtime.exec(callAndArgs);
("callAndArgs"'s value = curl --cert demo-cert.pem

so its single invokes I guess, but there can be many users at the same time.

Christian Akeroe

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From: Daniel Stenberg []
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Subject: Re: not enough space Solaris 9 and curl 7.10.5

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Christian AkerÝ wrote:1

> Hi!
> I have a problem with a javaclient that is executing curl . I get this
> error:
> - Not enough space

When curl is doing what? That's not an error message curl can produce on its

> This happens when the application has run for a while(several days with
> users). I always get this error when curl is executed, not elsewhere in
> application.

And how are you running curl? single invokes?

> Does anyone know if there is a memory leak problem with this version of
> curl?

There are leaks in that version, but only very minor ones.

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