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Re: curl tool to multi-interface

From: Alexander Lazic <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 09:33:03 +0200


On Mit 19.04.2006 23:06, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Alexander Lazic wrote:
>>curl then makes two easy-handler and download it parallel ;-)
>Oh yes. Not to mention upload and download in parallell. Perhaps the
>biggest usage issue is that when one of transfers fail for some reason,
>it isn't that easy to display that or which transfer that failed.
>And the progress meter would need some imaginative approach to be really
>nice when you transfer N files simultanously.

Full ack to both, it's not a easy task ;-).

>Lots of room for people to step forward and offer some patches! ;-)

Yep i have started to look into the main.c and some other parts, what I
have seen is that this changes are a mayor code && design change.

>>One Point would be also nice to make some Variables available for the
>>previous step for a minimalistic Scripting ;-)
>How do you mean?

For example:

curl url1 : --serialize -H $HEADER_FROM_PREVIOUS_CALL url2

and if we add a *small, easy to use* html-parser:

curl url1 : --serialize -d $FORM_FIELD:formvalue url2

or if we don't want to add a further lib dependency.

curl url1 : --serialize -d `get_form_field`:formvalue url2

You know ;-)


Received on 2006-04-20