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Re: curl vs libcurl

From: Thomas A. Moulton <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 17:11:14 -0400

Ok will do... so often people don't get past the *first* list in a list of
mailing lists...
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From: "Daniel Stenberg" <>
To: "the curl tool" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:46 PM
Subject: Re: curl vs libcurl

> On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Thomas A. Moulton wrote:
>> I have a C program using libcurl and when I attempt to access one page
>> that needs cookies, etc I get an empty page (0 bytes returned)
>> Yet when I use the same cookie-jar using curl from the command line I get
>> the page just fine.
>> If I enable CURLOPT_VERBOSE the headers and actions are the same.
>> I use this same c function to access other pages just fine
>> What could possibly be different?
> Maybe if you showed us the libcurl-using C source we could tell you.
> And if you do, take that to the curl-library list, as that's more suited
> for libcurl talk.
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