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From: Tony G <>
Date: 9 Jul 2008 18:21:04 -0000

There are various ways to do connectivity from .NET, whether using the native libraries, with or without open source exensions, with or without proprietary/commercial components. However, I'd appreciate the opportunity to work with cURL from C# or other .NET languages.

The libcurl.NET project at looks like it was a one-shot back in 2005 and hasn't been updated since. It was built as a bundle with other libraries commonly used with cURL, like OpenSSH. I've had it on my system for a long time, never used, and lack the skill and time to rebuild it with current libs. It looks heavily customized and might be scrap at this point. I can't find a recipe for building a new the release. If there was, I'd update and publish a new libcurl.NET with each new minor release.

I don't think I've seen any inquiries about cURL and .NET for a very long time here. So is this notion of a .NET binding dead? TIA
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