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My buffer in a variable - c#

From: clement chazarra <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 15:31:32 +0000

Hello everybody,

I am using to retrieve a web page source code and treat it.
I can connect and get a page source code (following the easyget.cs example),
but when I try with the specific page I need, it seems the size of the
buffer is too small, I just get the end of the source code..

        public static Int32 OnWriteData(Byte[] buf, Int32 size, Int32
nmemb,Object extraData){

            String mydata =
            return size * nmemb;

mydata retrieves only a part of the web page source code..

How to get whole page source code, whatever size it is?

I believe the answer must be easy, but I'm getting really frustrated with
this problem, so if somebody could give me a little hand, it would be great.

Thanks in advance ;)

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Received on 2008-11-16