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Eliminating progress bar from scripts

From: Lenga, Yair <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 09:00:45 -0500


I have few scripts that are using 'curl' to retrieve output files. I'm trying to find the best way to control the progress messages that are filling my log files. The major issue is that the when the log file is reviewed, the progress bar statements are messing the viewer (e.g., the CR characters etc).

From the manual, it looks as there are two options to disable the progress bar.

1. Send both stdout and stderr to the same place.
2. Use the '-s' to make curl silent.

None of those options is working for my scripts. Option #1 does not work because the scripts are using '-o output' to specify the location of the curl output, and the person who monitor the log file expect to see any error message to stderr. This is especially true with some large files, in which there might be a problem during the transfer, which may generate both error message and output data. Sending both together will make it hard (or impossible) to separate the two.

Option #2 is not good, since it also shutdown important error messages.

Does anyone know of a way to just disable the progress bar, while keeping all the other error reporting enabled ?
Any plan to introduce a '--no-progress' that will disable the progress bar, and keep the error messages ?


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