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Curl 7.19.2 Crash on opening Ftp second connection while uploading.

From: Mohit Gupta <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 15:06:58 +0530

Hi Daniel,

Could any help me finding a fix for Crash ?

I am using Curl 7.19.2. Curl 7.19.2 is crashing while uploading a file when
using FTP. It working nicely with other protocol https, http and tftp.
I think, there is some problem while opening a data connection for FTP. I
could see in ethereal capture that my application is crashing after sending
ACK for
server's "Response code: Entering Passive Mode (227)".

Unfortunately in my application, i couldn't use debugger. But using printf,
i could manage to see CURLcode ftp_statemach_act(struct connectdata *conn)
function which is logging
my printf statement.

Perhaps this issue is already fix. if yes, please provide the patch to fix
the problem.



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