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Re: Including non-standard -I directories fails

From: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:03:15 +0200

> On Wed, 24 Aug 2011, wrote:
> >> Why? It is included witht -isystem instead. Why is that good enough?
> > If it is supposed to be like that? I an not a make/C expert. Fixing it
> > manually make it work. That's what puzzles me.
> To me that seems to indicate a bug in your gcc version.
> We convert -I to -isystem for some things to make the headers included
> from
> that path to be treated as system headers by gcc. It has the advantage
> that
> for example gcc will ignore more problems/nits that aren't really ours.


I played a bit around with -isystem and -I in Makefiles, configure and manually. I came to the conclusion that my compiler version is fine. The error is only the order of header file inclusions. The header and C files from fbopenssl are messed up somehow in my opinion. I made a google investigation and found there two tickets:

I was able to reproduce the behavior of the first ticket.

Moreover, I seriously doubt that this will work at all. fbopenssl's files are broken. I wonder if anyone was able to compile everything successfully.
I would rather exclude fbopenssl from cURL support. A new approach directly with GSSAPI should be taken. Which definitively works. I would like to code that but my C knowledge is so limited that it would take way too long. libneon though has a working implementation.



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