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Looking for consulting to port libcurl with https support to WinCE

From: Will Harvey <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 11:44:58 -0700

From other posts ( it
looks like other folks already have libcurl working on WinCE
platforms, but it still sounds a little tricky.

We would like to pay someone to handle the trickiness and create a
solution that is easy to use (for us and anyone else who needs it).
Specifically, we are looking for:

* Port libcurl with https PUT/GET and connect functions to Windows
Mobile 5.0 on VS 2008. The specific compile target is "Windows Mobile
5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I)" which is one of the standard ones in the
VS 2008 Windows Mobile SDK.

If somebody has experience in this area and can help us we would be
appreciative and would be happy to pay consulting fees for the help
(USD $1500?)

I had contacted curl-support and they suggested I post to the mailing
list to find someone with relevant Win CE experience.
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Received on 2016-10-25