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Re: --tr-encoding and HTTP/2

From: Ricki Hirner <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2016 10:31:02 +0100


> In HTTP/2, "TE" header field can take "trailers" only. "TE: gzip" is
> a violation against HTTP/2 specification.  HTTP/2 also deprecates
> Transfer-Encoding stuff completely.

You're right: 

   The only exception to this is the TE header field, which MAY be
   present in an HTTP/2 request; when it is, it MUST NOT contain any
   value other than "trailers".

Didn't see that before. Does that mean that HTTP/2 doesn't have useful
compression (= transparent compression that doesn't change the ETag)
anymore? Wow, thanks Google …

> Perhaps, we should ditch "TE" from request header field when HTTP/2
> is used, just like we do for "Connection" header field already.

I suggest --tr-encoding should print an error message when used with
HTTP/2 instead of sending an invalid request.

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