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Re: --insecure

From: Benedikt Christoph Wolters <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 13:47:13 +0200

It think -k is more troubling as it hides the insecureness behind some
mysterious 'k' switch.
At the same time I am against removing '-k', because it would be a
huge change and break a lot of stuff (with little benefit).

> You got these numbers from the Github logs?

In fact -k seems to be more heavily in use.

I think a warning will certainly help. I wouldn't go beyond.


2017-08-23 12:33 GMT+02:00 Gisle Vanem via curl-users <>:
> Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>> On github alone, "curl --insecure" is used in source code at least 117,000
>> times. With a possible addition of about 196,000 instances where "curl -k"
>> is used.
> You got these numbers from the Github logs?
>> Some of these use cases are probably totally legit, especially when you
>> get things from localhost or similar, but many of them should probably
>> rather make the connection to the self-signed server secure by using a
>> cacert for it.
> On the other hand, after I enabled 2FA, I'm not able to get any content from
> now; always gives me a "404 Not Found".
> Maybe this is related to 2FA. If so, this seems too strict.
> I do have login/pass entries in my '%HOME%/_netrc' for
> and But only a 'curl --no-netrc' will give me the real content.
> E.g.
> curl
> (fail; 404)
> curl --no-netrc
> (OK)
> --
> --gv
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