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Re: help needed!!!

From: Alan Milnes <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 14:20:59 +0100

On 31/07/07, fbsd2 <> wrote:

> The author's document is very poor and requires the reader to have in-depth
> knowledge of how a browser exchanges packets with a website server.

Er no you don't.

> The secret information missing from the php/curl website is you need another
> software product to log the exchange of header info between your browser and
> the target server before you can understand how to code php/curl code.

Not true.

> The bottom line is if you do not use one of the header logging programs
> talked about above you will never be able to get php/curl to work.


I'm not sure what your beef is - I realised I needed CURL a few weeks
ago and an afternoon's work had it all set up downlaoding a complex
site that has logon, redirects etc.

Received on 2007-07-31