Anyone else having a broken link to Pycurl after upgrade to macOS High Sierra?

From: David Post via curl-and-python <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 17:08:50 +0200

After upgrading to High Sierra, at runtime on attempting to import the pycurl module,I get the following error message:
ImportError: pycurl: libcurl link-time ssl backend (openssl) is different from compile-time ssl backend (none/other)

I have tried unsuccessfully to reinstall pycurl using a variety of methods with no success and generally had the following error message: src/pycurl.h:190:5: warning: "libcurl was compiled with SSL support, but configure could not determine which " "library was used; thus no SSL crypto locking callbacks will be set, which may " "cause random crashes on SSL requests”

Does anyhow know how to resolve this issue?

Best regards
David Post
Received on 2017-10-12