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Progress meter problem & compiling 7.8.1 fails

From: Andrés García <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 01:11:43 -0400


For some time now, I have been having a problem with Getleft,
a Tcl/Tk front-end for cURL, I don't know whether it is cURL's or
Tcl fault (or mine).

Getleft read cURL's progress meter to show a progress bar, in
Linux this works very well but in Windows the bar, together with
the current speed and time left, is only updated from time to time.

To test the behaviour I made a little test program:

int main(void) {
    int i;

    for(i=0;i<10;i++) {

With the 'fflush' command, Tcl reads a number every second, without
it, the numbers are read in batches.

So I added a 'fflush(data->err)' command after printing the progress
meter in 'Curl_pgrsUpdate' and the progress bar began being updated
as often as it should.

Would it be a problem to add this fflush command?

I have also been having trouble compiling version 7.8.1 in both
Cygwin and Red Hat, the make command stops twice.

In the 'lib' directory:

/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link gcc -g -O2 -Loff/lib -o -rpath
/usr/local/lib -version-info 2:1:0 file.lo timeval.lo base64.lo hostip.lo
progress.lo formdata.lo cookie.lo http.lo sendf.lo ftp.lo url.lo dict.lo
if2ip.lo speedcheck.lo getdate.lo ldap.lo ssluse.lo version.lo getenv.lo
 escape.lo mprintf.lo telnet.lo getpass.lo netrc.lo getinfo.lo transfer.lo
strequal.lo easy.lo security.lo
krb4.lo memdebug.lo http_chunks.lo strtok.lo -lssl -lcrypto
../libtool: cd: off/lib: File or directory doesn't exists.

Removing the -Loff/lib lets you continue until it stops for the same reason
in the 'src' directory.

In both cases the Makefiles contain:

CPPFLAGS = -Ioff/include/openssl -Ioff/include
LDFLAGS = -Loff/lib

I don't see why though.

Received on 2001-08-21