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Re: libcurl strange behaviour

From: Julien MOUTTE <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:30:52 +0100


> Beeep. Don't do that. curl_global_init and curl_global_cleanup should be
> called only ONCE per application. That's what the document says, that's
> that they are written to assume.
> (Not that I actually think this is the cause of this problem, but I thought
> I should clearly express this here as you're not the first one to do this.
> There's also a bug in libcurl 7.9.1 and earlier, that'll make the second
> global_init to not init the SSL properly again.)

On a forked daemon you mean that i should make the global init and global
cleanup in the master process and clean nothing in the childs ??

This sounds weird to me... :)

> What kinds of URLs are you using, I mean which protocols?

HTTPS querys (i'm using the same urls so the url does not matter for the

> Yikes. Get a newer one! ;-)

Just installed 7.9.1 and the problem is still the same...

I'll try to move the global initing and cleaning in the father forking
process but i think it will lead me to some mem leaks because of the forked
childs who exit trough different methods.

Anyway thanks for helping me :)

See ya

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