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Re: Tru64 problems (was Re: Persistant Connections testing)

From: Dimitris Sarris <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 16:51:35 +0200

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Dimitris Sarris wrote:
> > I applied the patch, but it keeps crashing.
> Can you be a little more detailed, please? What's crash reason? Does it
> always crash on that single place?

No, it now crashes before a call to "fputs", inside the "Curl_infof"
function. I believe that there is a memory violation bug hidden in your code.

I noticed that the value of the "data->set.err" changed between 2 subsequent
calls to "Curl_infof". I do not believe that this is a correct behaviour!

> The particular gethostbyaddr_r() is only used if you use VERBOSE, does it
> work good then if you run without VERBOSE?

Indeed, when I disabled the VERBOSE mode my program run with no problem.

Received on 2001-11-28