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Regarding the no 'Reply-To:' on the list

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:57:26 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, J. Cone wrote:

> >I am, and the d*rned list server doesn't allow me to set Reply-To: so thus
> >it is most convenient to just use reply-all and thus I mostly reply to
> >both the list and the sender.
> I will use reply-all, as you suggest. Is the list server open-source and
> worth hacking?

The software allows it fine and is not the problem.

The problem is with (that hosts our mailing lists). They
decided to ban the use of Reply-To: set to the list:

This debate is as old as there have been mailing lists. Two of the more
interesting links to read in this subject are these:

Users who subscribe to mailing lists should make an effort to use filters
that discards duplicates. It'll make their lifes better.

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Received on 2002-04-04