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ann: pycurl-7.10

From: Kjetil Jacobsen <>
Date: 02 Oct 2002 12:43:42 +0200


a new version of pycurl has been released. pycurl is a python wrapper
module for the curl library.

pycurl can be downloaded at and the
current version is 7.10.

since the previous version of pycurl ( was silently announced,
the changelog is also included here.


Version 7.10

        * Added commandline options to for specifying the path to
        'curl-config' (non-windows) and the curl installation directory
        (windows). See the 'INSTALL' file for details. Also fixed some
        minor build problems on Win32.

        from libcurl-7.10.

        * Added a simple web-browser example based on gtkhtml and pycurl.
        See the file 'examples/' for details. The example
        requires a working installation of gnome-python with gtkhtml
        bindings enabled (pass --with-gtkhtml to gnome-python configure).

        * Added new method 'select' on CurlMulti objects. Example usage
        in 'tests/'. This method is just an optimization of
        the combined use of fdset and select (not tested on Win32).

        * Added support for curl_multi_fdset. See the file
        'tests/' for example usage. Contributed by
        Conrad Steenberg <>.

        * perform() on multi objects now returns a tuple (result, number
        of handles) like the libcurl interface does.

        * Added the 'sfquery' script which retrieves a SourceForge XML
        export object for a given project. See the file 'examples/'
        for details and usage. 'sfquery' was contributed by
        Eric S. Raymond <>.

        * API enhancements: added Curl() and CurlMulti() as aliases for
        init() and multi_init(), and added close() methods as aliases
        for the cleanup() methods. The new names much better match
        the actual intended use of the objects, and they also nicely
        correspond to Python's file object.

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