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RE: Can't connect: how to find out why ?

From: Vincent Penquerc'h <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 16:42:53 +0100

> What libcurl version?

Sorry, it's 7.10

> VERBOSE to 1 is the only available extra info here. Ah, no,
> you should use

I'm setting verbose to 1 already.

> CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER to get the error text as well, it'll
> probably tell you
> something.

Hmm, assumed it'd get send to the debug function ?
Thanks for the info

> I guess you can also set a break-point in Curl_connecthost()
> and single-step
> forward until it fails to figure it out, and also figure out
> why no error is
> shown.

I guess so, but it works at home, and I don't have all the debug
stuff here (I'm at work). I'll try the printf sprinkle mode then :)

> > code=curl_easy_setopt(data->handle,CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE,block_size);
> Are you sure you want to limit the read buffer size like this?

I got the impression from the docs that, if it wasn't to curl's
liking, it would use another one anyway. It's just that my streaming
buffers are that size, so it would be just neat if I would get
data in chunks that size. Can it cause problems in some cases ?


Vincent Penquerc'h 
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Received on 2002-10-08