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Segmentation fault in curl_easy_cleanup() [AIX]

From: <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 00:52:26 -0400

Our next steps are to (a) try to build a minimal test client that
repeatably exhibts this behaviour, and (b) test with a build of the
latest curl stable release from source using the xlC compiler.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  Occasional segmentation fault in curl_easy_cleanup().

  After a several hundred to a thousand iterations, the application
  will core dump (see traces below).

  This seg_fault has occured with 3 separate applications.

  Each of these apps is dynamically linked with a shared library (that
  implements Go() in the traces below) which utilizes the "easy" curl
  API and is in turn statically linked with libcurl. This shared
  library, the one containing Go(), utilizes no other libraries.

  On each invocation curl_init() is called at the start of the
  procedure and curl_easy_cleanup() is called at the end.

  Somewhat repeatable-- has occured with 3 distinct applications. Not
  easily reproducible. Uncertain how the application/library enters
  this state.


   * applications & shared library
     * AIX 4.3
     * xlC 3.6.6

   * libcurl
     * libcurl 7.9.7
     * precompiled binary (static library) for AIX 4.3 from:
     * evidently compiled using gcc (according to README.RS6K in the
       downstream source distribution)


  DBX output

Segmentation fault in free_y at 0xd016d1c4
0xd016d1c4 (free_y+0x344) 7cab45aa stsi r5,r11,0x8
(dbx) where
free_y(??, ??) at 0xd016d1c4
free(??) at 0xd016b124
Curl_llist_destroy(0x2004ecb8, 0x2004ec68), line 166 in "llist.c"
Curl_hash_clean(0x2004ec68), line 248 in "hash.c"
Curl_hash_destroy(0x2004ec68), line 297 in "hash.c"
curl_easy_cleanup(0x2003a4b8), line 252 in "easy.c"
Go(0x20052988, 0x20077e28, 0x2fefccf4) at 0xd1345934
Create(xaa6_S*,char**)(0x2fefcd68, 0x2fefccf4), line 932 in "xaaData.cpp"
xaaData(0x30303053, 0x54393920, 0x20202030, 0x30525052, 0x4f433120, 0x20202020, 0x20202020, 0x20202020), line 507 in "xaaData.cpp"
Proc_Main(MESSAGE = 0x2ff15ab8), line 451 in "xaa6.c"
main(argc = 2), line 240 in "xaa6.c"


  DBX output

Segmentation fault in splay at 0xd016b924
0xd016b924 (splay+0xa8) 81870004 l r12,0x4(r7)
(dbx) where
splay(??, ??, ??) at 0xd016b924
free_y(??, ??) at 0xd016cf98
free(??) at 0xd016b124
Curl_llist_destroy(0x2009e008, 0x2009dfb8), line 166 in "llist.c"
Curl_hash_clean(0x2009dfb8), line 248 in "hash.c"
Curl_hash_destroy(0x2009dfb8), line 297 in "hash.c"
curl_easy_cleanup(0x2009ea08), line 252 in "easy.c"
Go(0x2009e0e8, 0x2009e5b8, 0x2ff21684) at 0xd1345934
Create(xaa3i_t*,xaaExpand_s*,char**)(??, ??, ??), line 1033 in "xaaSpec.cpp"
xaaSpec(0x31333349, 0x53543939, 0x20202020, 0x5250524f, 0x43312020, 0x20202020, 0x20202020, 0x20202020), line 522 in "xaaSpec.cpp"
Proc_Main(MESSAGE = 0x2ff21ec0), line 727 in "xaa3.c"
main(argc = 2), line 370 in "xaa3.c"

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Received on 2002-10-18