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Re: Problems with curl 7.10.1 and the multi interface

From: Fabrizio Ammollo <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:34:02 +0200

On Friday 18 October 2002 16:52, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> But yes, I was thinking in terms setting a break-point in Curl_readwrite()
> for example and single-step a bit forward to see what it does, and also
> checking out curl_multi_fdset() and see why it sets the fdset to wait for
> writing if it really doesn't need to write.
> But since you passed me a piece of text code, I'll try to get a test shot
> compiled soon and have a look myself too.

OK. I'll try to have a look at it too.. if you use my test program, I suggest
you to use only one single request (second invocation parameter set to 1) so
that the flow of execution is the most simple one. The problem appears

> I agree with you. This sounds more like a flaw that we should correct
> rather than work around.

So let's investigate why this happens. My memory is very bad, but I seem to
remember that with the first version I used (7.9.8) it didn't happen.

Regards and good week-end,
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Received on 2002-10-18