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Work is beginning on cURL and PHP again

From: Sterling Hughes <>
Date: 21 Oct 2002 22:12:55 +0200


I'm going to be working on updating the PHP cURL extension in the coming

* adding the multi-interface.
* ssl session id caching (globally)
* global dns cache in threaded webservers (same for ssl sesssion id
* allowing cURL handle re-use.
* allowing "persistent" cURL handles that survive the request, for HTTP
1.1 persistent connections
* Autogenerating much of the interface between cURL and PHP, allowing
PHP to support multiple versions of the underlying cURL library
* Supporting all cURL options/callbacks in one way or another
* Adding a OOP interface to cURL, on the extension level... [undecided]
* Updating the cURL documentation

So, I'm sending this message, to the lists just to get any suggestions,
comments, feature requests, bug reports that you would like me to look
at/consider when revamping the extension. The changes will be done step
by step to the extension, but the full revamping should be expected
around the time of PHP 5 (PHP 4.3 is too soon for all these changes to
be integrated and tested).


PS: I'll be at the PHP Conference in Frankfurt, and ApacheCon in Las
Vegas, if you're coming to either of those, feel free to talk about it
with me there as well...

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Received on 2002-10-21