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Re: hello; planning work on digest auth

From: Soren Spies <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 22:24:38 -0700

On Thursday, Oct 17, 2002, at 13:54 US/Pacific, Soren Spies wrote:

>> I suggest you get a little oriented in the source code, and peek
>> around and
>> then ask specific questions. I'll be around to help.
> Thanks; I'll let everyone know how it goes (per the web site, all
> email will go to this list :).

I plan to leverage some digest-auth work already done inside of Apple.
This code is under the APSL (
I have checked with our lawyers and marketing folks and they assure me
that curl can do whatever it wants with the APSL source as long as any
modifications remain publicly available (preferrably with Apple alerted
to changes).

On the "contributions" page, I see that it is acceptable for portions
(certain files) of the source base to be under a non-curl license. Is
the APSL acceptable for these purposes? Obviously there would be
separate source files for the APSL'd code.

Soren Spies
Apple Computer, Inc.
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