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Re: about FTP reliability...

From: Guido Neitzer <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 17:36:38 +0100 (Europe/Berlin)

Alejandro Escalante wrote:

> So, the questions is: how reliable is FTP, on your own experience?

  This seems to be very reliable. I had no problems so far, but I had
  other strange things happening but can't replicate them for sure:

  Sometimes a directory isn't loaded. If I set libcurl to verbose mode,
  it runs fine. Switch back --> nothing happens. Switch on, it works.
  Next day everything is fine in all modes (with and without log
  output). Also sometimes it doesn't work in "normal" mode, but runs
  fine in the debugger.

  I use the current stable version with Mac OS X.


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