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RE: libcurl problem

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 14:01:33 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Kamieniecki, Darcy wrote:

> I have a sample of the output at the end of this email.

Yes, but that output does not include the headers you received so they don't
really tell us if you received any cookies. It does however show that your
outgoing requests didn't pass on any.

> My java code loops once every minute for an indefinite period of time. I do
> not want to have to delete the object and then reinstantiate that frequent.

Well, that's not a problem really. You just won't get the cookies stored to a
file, but you won't need that.

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Received on 2003-02-01