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CURLOPT_TIMEOUT curl_eas_setopt

From: Todd Fisher <>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 22:56:01 -0500

    I'm writting a multithread web crawler each thread does basically
the following:
1. create an easycurl handle
2. setopts _NOSIGNAL(1), _NOPROGRES(1), _WRITEFUNCTION(myfunc),
    _USERAGENT("mycrawl+email", and _TIMEOUT(3)
3. enter bounded download loop
4. select a URL from my list of known urls
5. setopt _FILE(memlocation), _URL(url to download)
6. call curl_perform
7. parse content in memlocation to populate list of known urls
8. continue looping until bound max
9. out side of bounded loop cleanup curl handle

everything works great except when i set the _TIMEOUT option in step 2.
When i do that
I get a core dump, that always points to domain name resolver somewhere
in the curl library.

However, if I don't set the timeout the process will not crash but my
worker threads will hang
in the curl perform function for upwards of 200 seconds.

Any ideas? This behavior usually starts to show up after 500+ downloads...


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Received on 2003-02-23